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Media sees what it wants to see

Kevin Smith losing weight is an opportunity for the media to do what it does best: write fiction.

IESB's Robert Sanchez missing over allegations of child sexual abuse

IESB's founder, Robert Sanchez, has been missing for weeks, reportedly dead from suicide at one time, and is now wanted for questioning by police over allegations of sexual molestation involving Sanchez's minor step-daughter.

Love really does bite for NBC

An unexpected pregnancy throws a wrench into the production of NBC's Love Bites, along with a shifty showrunner who isn't running the show anymore.

Megan Fox has found her true calling

Megan Fox has found her true calling, and it ain't acting.

Polanski went back on his settlement with rape victim

A link to a list of Hollywood celebs demanding the release of child rapist Roman Polanski, and news that he agreed to settle a civil suit with his victim but never even paid up.

Bryan Fuller quit Heroes. Again.

Addressing a number of thoughts from Transformers 2, Bryan Fuller leaving Heroes (again), and Cameron Diaz looking goofy.
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Thoughts on Pellicano and government wiretapping

One person in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case has been found guilty of wipretapping and could face 10 years in prison, while the U.S. government and big telecommunications companies did the same for six years and walked scott free.

On lost icons and naughty thespians

Ruminating on the loss of Tim Russet, Stan Winston, and how much I wish we could "lose" Katherine Heigl somewhere, preferably in a desert or a crowded mall.
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Katherine Heigl says her writing staff sucks

Katherine Heigl bowed out of the Emmys this year because she thinks her writing staff failed her.
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Dina Lohan is a great parent

Dina Lohan has caused a minor uproar by exposing her 14-year-old daughter to smut while filming an episode of her reality show. Cool..
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Damn those disturbingly hot 15-year-olds

Scandal or sick celebrity obsession by the media? Miley Cyrus photo in Vanity Fair stirs moral outrage; world doesn't end.

What's worse, paparazzi, or DUI-prone actors?

I just Twitter'd about actor Thomas Jane being arrested and charged with a DUI in California this morning, but I want to actually talk about it for a minute. It seems like not a week goes by that some actor or actress isn't charged with DUI somewhere in this country -- mainly L.A. Michelle Rodriguez had a DUI stop in Hawaii while she was still working on Lost, and I remember her case especially because she has racked up more than a few of these over the past couple of years. Given the choice between community service or jail, she actually chose jail, which while good for the rest of us since it kept her off the highway, doesn't...

Hollywood Tuna accusing Egotastic of poaching content

Hollywood Tuna accuses Egotastic of poaching its content..that it doesn't own and didn't make. Taking a look a link aggregators and how ridiculous this claim is.

No Oscars For Old People

I missed the first hour or so of the Oscars last night, which quickly brings me to my first point: it's on too late. They need to either tape the show on Saturday and broadcast it Sunday so that it'll be on at a reasonable time in every timezone, or hold the event in New York or anywhere else in the eastern timezone.Of course that'll never happen, even though to not do it is self absorbed and logistically retarded on every imaginable level. It must be nice for the program to start at 5:30pm and have it wind down at around 9pm, but the left coast is pretty much the only place that can happen, and with the ratings the...

SMG says a new Buffy flick wouldn't work

Insert the obligatory introduction mentioning how if it hadn't been for the production and failure of a Buffy movie, there wouldn't have been a series to begin with, and hence no opportunity for Sarah Michelle Gellar to piss all over the hopes and dreams of many-a-devoted fan.Then edit to remind readers that there has already been one Buffy flick, so you can't really say a Buffy flick wouldn't work. Struggle with the inevitable formatting difficulties of inserting a blockquote with the proper spacing both above, and below, the introduction paragraph and summarization.Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from creator Joss Whedon, was itself a reboot of the flop 1992 movie of the same name that starred Kristy Swanson.Point out the painfully obvious:...

Heath Ledger found dead

Kind of a bummer of a story to lead off the afternoon with, it seems that Heath Ledger was found dead about an hour and a half ago, apparently from a drug overdose. I don't know why, but I'm sure we'll hear all about how depressed he was and how all his friends were "concerned" about him, yet stood by while he slowly (and then quickly) ended his life.Ledger's most recent work was playing The Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight, which just finished shooting.Well, ... what else can you say? I feel horrible for his family, yet how can you not be pissed at the guy who literally threw his life away with a family that needed them? Rich,...

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant...and unemployed

Disney appears to be playing favorites when it comes to their own roster of bad girls these days, although Lindsay Lohan has since graduated to the majors where "bad" usually means drug abuse, car wrecks, lawsuits, and of course feature films and special treatment by judges and cops, there's no doubt that Jamie Lynn Spears and Vanessa Hudgens are not considered equal in the empire of the mouse.16-year-old pregnant? You're fired! Young-woman playing teenager nude pic scandal? New contract baby!Just what is it Disney is putting in the water over there, anyway?...
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John McTiernan gets bail pending appeal

While I love some of the guys films, I can't say I care much for his conduct off the set. You know, little things like lying to federal investigators and stuff. I don't know what part McTiernan played in the Anthony Pellicano scandal, but it must have been serious or at least pretty embarassing if he lied to the feds about his involvement. Here's a thought though, I'm pretty sure Canada doesn't let people in that have criminal records at all, so McTiernan can't run off to film his stuff up north on the cheap anymore.McTiernan then tried to rescind the guilty plea for a bevy reasons: (1) he had been jetlagged at the time he was questioned by agents; (2)...

Hayden Panettiere gives jail bait a new meaning

Our little Claire Bear just turned 18 about three months ago, but she's still hanging on to that jail bait moniker bestowed upon hot girls that we aren't supposed to think of as hot quite yet. Sin, and all that. Things have gotten just a little more serious though, as Panettiere is now wanted in Japan for participating in a demonstration organized by "Save The Whales" to, ironically, save the dolphins."I learned today that I have an arrest warrant out for me in Japan because of what I did for Save the Whales," says the actress, adding that the repercussions could be, "Potentially jail, but I doubt it. ... I guess they could come here and get us, but probably...

In L.A., They Kiss Ass With The Best

There's been a lot of ass kissing going on over at Deadline Hollywood lately and sometimes I wonder if people pay any attention to what they are doing and saying anymore. Consider this fellow who is a writer for Ugly Betty, who laminates over chanting in front of the studios that writers are canceling their subscriptions to the trade magazines Hollywood Reporter and Variety in favor of DHD. I wonder if this guy ever actually reads DHD, and how he would feel if he knew that Finke drank the studio koolaid about the residual rollback's coming off the table being a real concession?I thought Nikki and the producers were the only people on Earth that actually bought that line of...

Mickey Rourke Scores a DUI..in Style

I'm posting about these because I think it's important to raise awareness about drunk driving. Yes, a lot of instances result in no harm and no foul, but a lot of them also result in the tragic deaths of entire families while the stupid shit that decided to get hammered and then drive walks away with a few bruises. Remember when Kelsey Grammer was so drunk that he flipped his $100,000 Dodge Viper just trying to get out of his own driveway?Mickey Rourke is the latest in the growing line of actors just in the past two months that have been caught driving while intoxicated, and like all his predacessors, he'll likely see zero time inside of a jail cell...

Drunk Actor Busted Story #352

Yet another actor (in this case actress) has been arrested and cited for drunk driving in what seems like the hundredth instance just in the last couple of months. Who is it this time? Rebecca De Mornay is the lucky trooper this time, lucky in that she didn't cause a pileup and murder a family of four just trying to get home from a school play or something.De Mornay, 48, was pulled over around 10:30 p.m. for an unknown traffic violation on Sunset Blvd. When the officers approached the actress, they "immediately detected an odor of alcoholic beverages." De Mornay failed several field sobriety tests, and her blood-alcohol level was .09, just above the legal limit. She was cited and...

One Drunk Actor That Wasn't So Lucky

Kelsey Grammer, Michele Rodriguez, Kiefer Sutherland, Daniel Day Kim, Lindsay Lohan, the list of irresposible drunk, rich actors is nearly endless. Luckily for those of us that can't afford the pay for the medical expenses caused by a car accident, most of these jerks don't end up hurting anyone but their own really expensive cars. Lane Garrison who was in the first season of Prison Break, and a little bit of the second, got behind the wheel and ended up with one dead kid and another severely injured, because they were just as retarded as he was and got in a car with a drunk in the first place.Garrison is now going to pay for what he's done, as they...

All I Want For Christmas is Five Drunk Actors Driving Down The Street..

What do Kiefer Sutherland, Michelle Rodriguez, and Daniel Dae Kim share in common? They are rich, famous, attractive, irresponsible jerks with criminal records and really bad mug shots. Kim is only the most recent in a string of TV actors who have been "arrested on suspicion of drunken driving early Thursday by Honolulu police — the fourth actor on ABC's 'Lost' to run into trouble with the law while filming in Hawaii." Sutherland's came within the past month+ and Rodriguez got nailed several times along with violating her parole in the process.When Paris Hilton violated her parole for a DUI, in the first instance she only spent less than a week in jail. She ended up going back and still...
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Vietnam Suffering Caveman Syndrome

No matter how much I roll my eyes at the old, white conservative males in this country (politicians who aren't getting any) that constantly wage war against pornography and normal human sexual behavior with stupid laws and inappropriate religious interference in the lives of private citizens, I can take some measure of comfort in knowing that there are a lot of places on Earth that are far more primitive than fundamental Christians are - even if they they'd be thrilled to see these puritan cave-man taboos about sexuality applied here with the force of law.HANOI, Vietnam - An online sex video featuring a popular celebrity has riveted the nation for more than a week now, much as (Paris) Hilton's clip...

Britney Spears and J.K. Rowling Have Something in Common

Having a lot of money usually means never having to hear the word 'no', such is the case with Britney Spears who has become so spoiled and disgusting that even not being able to see her own children won't stand in the way of her treating the rest of us commoners like so much dirt she rolls around in while high, drunk, naked, and probably puking all at the same time.A source told US Weekly: "[Spears] paid her [monitor] no attention or respect at all, as if she were some employee whom she could blow off. "Britney’s often distracted and in her own world when she has the kids and has a hard time focusing. She is adamant that she...

Spears Loses Child Custody Battle

It's great news for her kids that she lost a custody battle, because it means they might have a shot at having a normal life (and living long enough to see their tenth birthday) not being in the home of a depressed washed up drunk. On the other hand, they are going to live in the house of a drug abusing washed up white rapper.L.A. County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon issued an order today, stating that Kevin Federline, the boys' father, "is to retain physical custody of the minor children on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 PM until further order of the court."And this is supposed to be better how?...

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