The Guy
My name is Paul William Tenny, the sole author of this blog. I'm currently a freelance writer living in North Carolina. While this site has a TV/film theme, I write political essays, commentary, and occasionally news for different sites around the web.

The Site
This site began on the service Google bought from Pyra labs, called Blogspot, as a personal place that I could rant about politics, science, poker, and anything I felt like talking about on any given day. Lacking focus, it never saw any measurable traffic or success, and it was about as fun as licking the dirt off your driveway. I shifted its focus at the beginning of April, 2007, to television and film news and commentary. I would scour the Internet for the latest news about the latest happenings for films in development and whatever was going on at the time for television, including very detailed previews of new fall shows that had yet to be announced at the network upfronts.

As many people do, I quickly realized that Blogger wasn't going to cut it for what I wanted to do, so I took time away from blogging to create this site. There are ads here not because I'm looking to get rich or because I have some arrogant notion that I'm prestigious enough to warrant them. Websites cost money, and those ads pay for this one. I manage it myself, from installing the software to designing the theme from scratch.

Early on, the site was growing faster than any reasonable expectations I might have had. In the month of July when this site was launched (right around the middle of the month) traffic was practically non-existent; about 175 page views for the last two weeks or so. Note that 175 is for half the month, not per day. Contrast that with nearly 21,000 page views in October, and I think at least for that time, this site had become a reasonable success.

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