Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant...and unemployed

by Paul William Tenny

Disney appears to be playing favorites when it comes to their own roster of bad girls these days, although Lindsay Lohan has since graduated to the majors where "bad" usually means drug abuse, car wrecks, lawsuits, and of course feature films and special treatment by judges and cops, there's no doubt that Jamie Lynn Spears and Vanessa Hudgens are not considered equal in the empire of the mouse.

16-year-old pregnant? You're fired! Young-woman playing teenager nude pic scandal? New contract baby!

Just what is it Disney is putting in the water over there, anyway?
A report making the rounds from UK rags to LA blogs says that Spears show, Zoey 101, has been given the axe by Disney just a couple of months after announcing that she was pregnant at the age of 16; illegal in many states although apparently not in California.

There were some rumors that Disney was going to rally around the younger sister and take the extremely unusual step for a very religious and conservative business to address Spears pregnancy on the air. Not very long after, the Associated Press reported that hell had frozen over, and quoted a number of Republican presidential candidates as saying that such an event was "completely normal, it's part of a natural cycle, you see.."

Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand who trusted the wrong person with nude photos of herself which subsequently spread across the entire planet in exactly 1.5 seconds, thanks to the Internets, was given Disney's full support and has signed on for yet another iteration of the congloms hugely popular High School Musical TV movies/specials/whatever they are.

The elder Britney Spears meanwhile finally attended her court-ordered deposition in her custody battle with K-Fed, after ditching the first five for various reasons. Unfortunately for Spears, she only managed to prolong the torment for herself by only attending for about 14 minutes -- a little bit longer than it will have taken me to write this story -- and will have to attend god knows how many more before somebody throws her skanky ass in jail.

After which she will be released after 3 minutes, due to overcrowding.

Update -- I forgot to mention that Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon on New Years and flushed four months of rehab down the drain. I also read a rumor that she's now begging spending money off her friends and is apparently broke.

Now wait a minute, Britney has been doing this for a lot longer than Lohan has, how is she not living on the street too?
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