John McTiernan gets bail pending appeal

by Paul William Tenny

While I love some of the guys films, I can't say I care much for his conduct off the set. You know, little things like lying to federal investigators and stuff. I don't know what part McTiernan played in the Anthony Pellicano scandal, but it must have been serious or at least pretty embarassing if he lied to the feds about his involvement. Here's a thought though, I'm pretty sure Canada doesn't let people in that have criminal records at all, so McTiernan can't run off to film his stuff up north on the cheap anymore.

McTiernan then tried to rescind the guilty plea for a bevy reasons: (1) he had been jetlagged at the time he was questioned by agents; (2) he was also suffering the side effects of some apparently potent sinus medication during the same Q&A session; and (3) he received some bad advice from his ex-lawyer.

U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer wasn't buying it. Not only did the judge deny the motion, but, in McTiernan's most scathing reviews since Last Action Hero,  Fischer ripped McTiernan for his lack of remorse for attempting to deceive investigators.

He's going to serve about four months in prison if his appeal fails, and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't. Most guilty pleas actually preclude you from appealing your sentence and conviction (which is what pleading 'no contest' is for) unless there was something seriously wrong like you had the guilty plea beaten out of you.
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