Vietnam Suffering Caveman Syndrome

by Paul William Tenny

Hoang-Thuy-Linh.jpgNo matter how much I roll my eyes at the old, white conservative males in this country (politicians who aren't getting any) that constantly wage war against pornography and normal human sexual behavior with stupid laws and inappropriate religious interference in the lives of private citizens, I can take some measure of comfort in knowing that there are a lot of places on Earth that are far more primitive than fundamental Christians are - even if they they'd be thrilled to see these puritan cave-man taboos about sexuality applied here with the force of law.

HANOI, Vietnam - An online sex video featuring a popular celebrity has riveted the nation for more than a week now, much as (Paris) Hilton's clip seized the attention of Americans when it hit the Internet several years ago.

Her fall from grace has highlighted the generational fault-lines in Vietnam, a sexually conservative culture within which women have been taught for centuries to remain chaste until marriage and stay true to one man — no matter how many times he cheats on them.

Who would have thought that over one million years or more of evolving on this planet that we'd still be forcing each other to live like cavemen? Pathetic.
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