Media sees what it wants to see

by Paul William Tenny

From Access Hollywood (tabloid):

Director Kevin Smith has admitted that getting kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight last year helped inspire him to lose a hefty 65 pounds.

I've listened to Kevin Smith long enough over the years to know what bull that is. After what happened with Southwest, that incident was going to be the very last thing in the world that would push him towards another diet. What happened to him wasn't about his weight. He wasn't kicked off the plane because of that. Everybody knows that. He's told the story hundreds of times by now. Other people who weighed more than he did weren't kicked off that plane, so if his weight wasn't the main reason, why would it inspire him to go on a diet?

The guy has been fighting this battle for years. He'll go on liquid diets, lose a lot of weight, and fall off the wagon just like most of us do. This isn't the first time he's lost this much weight and I'm pretty sure all the other diets weren't precipitated by getting kicked off a plane.

The media sees what it wants to see and then writes the fictional story it wants to be true. In the media's story, fatty got rightfully kicked off a plane and is now redeeming himself by conforming to the system. It's impossible in the media's eyes that Kev is back on the diet because he's been trying to lose weight for years and hasn't given up yet.

They mocked him and tore him down, and now they're building him back up again for the next round. Same crap as always from the vaunted American press.

Look at this garbage:

Kevin Smith Lost 65 Pounds After Being Kicked Off Airplane for Being Too Fat (PopEater)
Kevin Smith loses 65 pounds after airline incident (USA Today)


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