Megan Fox has found her true calling

by Paul William Tenny

Megan Fox muppetYou may think this is a little sexist and maybe it is, but when I saw this story this morning about Megan Fox modeling underwear for Emporia Armani, my first thought was that she had found something more her speed.

If you replaced Fox in Transformers with a sock puppet you wouldn't notice much of a difference. And based on the performance of her first venture outside the free ride zone of a franchise block buster, or rather the lack of performance of Jennifer's Body, it appears that she's been advancing on something other than acting talent.

Written by Oscar Winner Diablo Cody and lead by Fox - who everyone wants in one way or another - Jennifer's Body should have been an automatic win for what it cost, carrying just a $16 million production budget. But after theater's take, it made back barely half that when it opened in #5th place, what most people would call an Epic Fail. Reviews were up and down but ultimately they didn't matter because nobody went to see the damned thing anyway.

If neither Fox's looks nor her talent can draw people to the theater, perhaps she's found her true calling.
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