Polanski went back on his settlement with rape victim

by Paul William Tenny

Roman PolanskiThis Polanski mess brings together two things that I try to keep clear of this blog: politics and celeb crap. But when a large chunk of the upper class of Hollywood decided to step in a big pile of celeb crap, I guess it became a valid topic to (very briefly) write about.

I don't much care about Roman Polanski beyond the fact that it burns me up that he plead guilty to a rather heinous crime and then ran away to hide in France. I don't care that people love his movies, and I very much doubt it made a difference to the 13-year-old girl that he drugged and raped. He did that, and then he got caught a couple of weeks ago which makes me happy and I would like to leave it at that.

But then a disturbing number of big names in Hollywood decided that the town needed an even worse reputation for moral ambiguity than it already had.

Here is a list of people supposedly asking Switzerland to set Polanski free.

That's a lot of people I used to respect and now am reminded that what we know of these people's professional accomplishments is a fraction of who they are. I'm not going to sit in judgment over them but I will say this, I wouldn't leave a child alone with any of them from now on.

And as if this would make any difference, Polanski was sued by the women he raped as a child and supposedly settled with her for an undisclosed sum of money. Turns out that Polanski, who undoubtedly can afford it, never even paid up. Classy.
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