Mickey Rourke Scores a DUI..in Style

by Paul William Tenny

I'm posting about these because I think it's important to raise awareness about drunk driving. Yes, a lot of instances result in no harm and no foul, but a lot of them also result in the tragic deaths of entire families while the stupid shit that decided to get hammered and then drive walks away with a few bruises. Remember when Kelsey Grammer was so drunk that he flipped his $100,000 Dodge Viper just trying to get out of his own driveway?

Mickey Rourke is the latest in the growing line of actors just in the past two months that have been caught driving while intoxicated, and like all his predacessors, he'll likely see zero time inside of a jail cell for his crimes.

A Miami Beach Police report said Rourke made a U-turn with a red light and then swerved several times while on a green scooter. He had a flushed face and bloodshot, watery eyes, his speech was slurred, and he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, the report said. "I'm not drunk, I didn't even drink that much," the report quoted Rourke as saying. Rourke, 51, allegedly failed field-sobriety tests before being taken to headquarters. He also failed an alcohol breath test, police said.

Okay, even I have to admit that tough-guy Mickey Rourke riding around town drunk, on a little green scooter, is harmless and probably totally hilarious. Why can't all of them do that?
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