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Actor to Plead Guilty to Leaking Black Swan to BitTorrent

Feds wasting money on being copyright cops, movies that get pirated early and then make tons of money, and innovate uses for iTunes.

Comcast privately threatened network discrimination against Netflix

Netflix's SEC filings reveal threats from Comcast to cut if off from cable customers.

HBO floats a show based on Nikki Finke as a *blogger*

Nikki Finke, who has professed a hatred of blogs and bristled at the notion that she's a blogger, is reportedly in talks with HBO for a series based on her -- as a blogger.

Non-franchise sequels you'd like to see

An online poll conducted by movietickets.com lists the top five non-franchise films that people want to see a sequel for. It is...interesting.

Hulu approaching 1 billion video streams per month

Hulu is reaching 1 billion video streams per month, despite traffic stagnation, but are they moving forward and innovating, or just existing?

Variety's pay-wall will create opportunity for bloggers

Variety will go behind a pay-wall similar to the Wall Street Journal in 2010, without anything worth paying money to read.

Cable Internet sector will not rescue Hollywood

A selective quote from a research confab gets it all wrong when saying that cable companies will abandon flat-rate plans in order to protect Hollywood's offline business model.

On agents of evil and the web replacing television

Introducing two lengthy comments/discussions I've had on sites other than my own relating to Hollywood agents and how the web will never replace television.

Crazy movie script guy voicemails are fun!

Two amusing voicemails as performed by a screenwriter. Play multiple times for maximum hilarity.

Fringe pilot really was leaked

The Fringe pilot was leaked two months early, and nobody really cares.

AP stories embargoed until further notice

After the Associated Press' attack on bloggers, they are no longer welcome here at The Media Pundit.

Martin Wood talks Sanctuary, Canadian productions

Stargate producer Martin Wood talks about his new web-to-TV series 'Sanctuary', and the struggle to compete with instead of serve the American TV market.
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Vanity Fair doesn't get it

Vanity Fair quantifies blogs as news/opinion and earnest/scurrilous, proving they have no idea what they are talking about.

Not so fast

For what it's worth, DVRs still beat streaming online hands down.

Barry Sonnenfeld: "The Internet will destroy democracy"

Barry Sonnenfeld thinks the Internet will destroy privacy and democracy, and that to save us from the Bush administration, we must put down our computers. Right now. Seriously.

Somebody forgot to bring the funny

A parody letter of the WGA strike and the fi-core "outing" is making the rounds.

Battlestar S4 premier will be streamed early

The good news is that there's some new Battlestar Galactica on the way, in fact it should be roaming free on or about April 4th around noon, depending on where you live. The bad news is that the last I heard, Scifi still had not decided whether or not to split the fourth season into two parts like they do with everything else. Worse, yet still in intriguing, is that Scifi will air the season premier online via the scifi.com website about 10 hours before it is broadcast the old fashioned way....

3 months later, no NY Times retraction on DHD falsehoods

Back in November there was a story in the New York Times by Brian Stelter about Deadline Hollywood Daily blogger Nikke Finke. As much as the strike had captured peoples attention for a time, it was still very much a non-story as far as the Internet was concerned. I found it hard to believe at that time, six days after the strike had begun, claims by Finke that her blog -- which up until that point was dedicated to boring insider gossip, such as which studio executive just got fired, and which big name actor just fired his agent and moves to a different agency -- was getting as many as 300,000 page views per day before, and was now...

I have a Twitter in my pants

I've signed up with a micro-blogging service called Twitter. It's kind of hard to describe -- people post a message to twitter up to 140 characters long, which then gets "pushed" out to people who are "following" your twitter account/feed/whatever. Messages go out over email, cellphone SMS, instant messaging, and can be tracked via RSS. The character limit originates from this being a SMS service originally, with the purpose of pushing out information rather than you having to seek it out.Push technology is not new. There used to be a service called Pointcast which was a program you ran on your computer, where you selected different categories of news that interested you, and then you left it running. When you...

Hollywood Tuna accusing Egotastic of poaching content

Hollywood Tuna accuses Egotastic of poaching its content..that it doesn't own and didn't make. Taking a look a link aggregators and how ridiculous this claim is.

More blaming the victim from The Movie Blog

There may not be much posted here today (the 6th) because of weather conditions that will effectively knock out my internet connection for the better part of the day and night, so I'm posting a few things early and mostly whatever I can come up with in the next hour or so. Real quickly, with everyone holding their breath waiting to see how the talks between the WGA and AMPTP are going to end, John Campea went and stuck his foot in his mouth for what feels like the 50th time....

Scifi Channel finds Sanctuary

I found it too, albeit I never actually saw it, I knew where it was! It was on a crappy website which was the only place you could actually see the series, which will in the end probably be remembered not so much as a pioneer, but one of those "ahead of its time" shows, like early scripted dramas that paved the way for the likes of 24, and Lost.This is actually worthy news because this is the second instance where a show was created outside of the studio system, for digital consumption only. Meaning it was made with a smaller budget, with shorter episodes, viewable only on the Internet via its home website. If that sounds familiar, NBC recently...
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Gizmodo staffer banned from CES

Not exactly TV or film news here, but "media" has pretty broad definitions, no?CES is a yearly electronics show where companies like Sony get to show off their newest, most expensive toys to a mob-sized press that probably couldn't afford most of it. They spend a ton of cash at this event and it's critical to how they do business. I don't think bloggers had ever gotten in until this year, and they were treated like second class citizens from what I hear.While I'd argue vigorously against such treatment, in the case of CES, it turns out that they weren't quite cautious enough....

Ron Moore on the Letterman Deal

In case you didn't know, Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica) started a blog to jot down his personal musings during the strike, which is rarely updated yet fairly insightful and a must read if you track that kind of thing at all. There was a great story about staff writers on Star Trek TNG peering through a window from their office building over to the next with binoculars into Rick Berman's office trying to figure out how he was mangling their scripts on any given day.Good stuff, and naturally he had a short statement on Letterman's company Worldwide Pants striking a deal with the Writers Guild of America, allowing him to return to the air with his writers while no other...

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