Britney Spears and J.K. Rowling Have Something in Common

by Paul William Tenny

britney-spears-car-child.jpgHaving a lot of money usually means never having to hear the word 'no', such is the case with Britney Spears who has become so spoiled and disgusting that even not being able to see her own children won't stand in the way of her treating the rest of us commoners like so much dirt she rolls around in while high, drunk, naked, and probably puking all at the same time.

A source told US Weekly: "[Spears] paid her [monitor] no attention or respect at all, as if she were some employee whom she could blow off. "Britney’s often distracted and in her own world when she has the kids and has a hard time focusing. She is adamant that she doesn’t have to listen to anybody - that it’s her way or the highway."

On the opposite side of things (and literally across the pond), the prospect of making even more money after you've known what it's like to be filthy rich beyond all sensibilities is never having to say the word no, either.

Rowling admits she may consider writing a prequel to the Potter books, but worries it would be a critical flop, like the Star Wars prequels. "I'm not going to say 'never' because 'never' in my life acts as a red rag to bull and I've immediately wanted to do whatever it is I said never to."

Most people would be lucky to have such torturous decisions to make, "do I or do I not write another book and make a another hundred million and change in between six-month tropical island vacations?" as opposed to going to work at 5 in the morning, every morning, wondering if you can pay your electric bill this month.
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okay, I love you and all but I think this article is a bit much. JK Rowling was giving a sincere analysis of her work and making sincere statement. I can sympathize with the never saying never because I've said a lot of nevers in my time and most of them have happened.
Comparing a talented woman who needed a break from the Harry Potter roller coaster (who pulled her and her child out of the gutter of poverty into tremendous wealth) to a self-absorbed twit who has been rich from the get go and made her self more wealthy by shaking her ass for teenagers is a long stretch and a bad one. The only thing in common between those two statements is the word NO.
So many better comparisons than that!!!! While it may be fun to ridicule Britany Spears because no matter how much money she has, normal people are not envious of her in the least, I think its a little petty to poke at Rowling because then it seems like it is out of jealousy because has done so well. She's not flawless....if she makes a comment that deserves a poke go to it...but this article?? I don't think so.
I'm not a Rowling fan, but seeing as how she was a single mum on the dole before she became the success she is today, I think your hostility towards her is misplaced.

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