Drunk Actor Busted Story #352

by Paul William Tenny

Yet another actor (in this case actress) has been arrested and cited for drunk driving in what seems like the hundredth instance just in the last couple of months. Who is it this time? Rebecca De Mornay is the lucky trooper this time, lucky in that she didn't cause a pileup and murder a family of four just trying to get home from a school play or something.

De Mornay, 48, was pulled over around 10:30 p.m. for an unknown traffic violation on Sunset Blvd. When the officers approached the actress, they "immediately detected an odor of alcoholic beverages." De Mornay failed several field sobriety tests, and her blood-alcohol level was .09, just above the legal limit. She was cited and released from the Beverly Hills police station just before 1:00 a.m.

How much do you want to bet any one of us wouldn't get several tests before being cuffed and tossed into the back of a cruiser? How much do you want to be she doesn't serve a single day in jail for this?
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