All I Want For Christmas is Five Drunk Actors Driving Down The Street..

by Paul William Tenny

What do Kiefer Sutherland, Michelle Rodriguez, and Daniel Dae Kim share in common? They are rich, famous, attractive, irresponsible jerks with criminal records and really bad mug shots. Kim is only the most recent in a string of TV actors who have been "arrested on suspicion of drunken driving early Thursday by Honolulu police — the fourth actor on ABC's 'Lost' to run into trouble with the law while filming in Hawaii." Sutherland's came within the past month+ and Rodriguez got nailed several times along with violating her parole in the process.

When Paris Hilton violated her parole for a DUI, in the first instance she only spent less than a week in jail. She ended up going back and still serving less than two months, more like three weeks and change. Sutherland will get somewhere in between 60-90 days, which the Judge has shown disgusting favoritism by allowing him to serve that time on a schedule that is convenient to his TV career, so as not to upset the filming of 24.

Rodriguez has been convicted of more than one DUI, I'm pretty sure, and on top of not doing her community service, she actually had the guts to lie about it - and then got caught. She's going to the pokey for more than a couple of months, which is where all of them belong as far as I'm concerned.
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