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Joss Whedon to succeed Nolan and Abrams as Hollywood's next big thing

Move over Chris Nolan and J. J. Abrams. Make room Dark Knight and The Hunger Games. Joss Whedon is about to show you how it's really done.
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Are directors as interchangable as spark plugs?

Directors come and go on television, where all the best stories are told, and even on hugely successful franchise films. Do they even matter anymore?
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Where The Hunger Games stands against the champs

Weekend box office numbers for April 13-15, and where The Hunger Games' first installment ranks against the great franchise series films.
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Red State brings Kevin Smith's career back to where it all began

From beginning to end, this is what it took to make Red State a reality.
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Rush Preview: The Event, on NBC (spoiler-free)

A rush preview of NBC's The Event. Should be spoiler-free, but be cautious anyway.

IESB's Robert Sanchez missing over allegations of child sexual abuse

IESB's founder, Robert Sanchez, has been missing for weeks, reportedly dead from suicide at one time, and is now wanted for questioning by police over allegations of sexual molestation involving Sanchez's minor step-daughter.

Big Business doesn't always get what it wants

Some people think YouTube's win over Viacom is unfair, but can't really argue that it was wrong.

CBS 2010 upfronts: complete fall schedule

CBS's full fall schedule.

ABC 2010 upfronts: complete fall schedule

ABC's complete fall schedule, canceled and returning series, and new show details.

NBC 2010 upfronts: complete fall schedule

NBC's full fall 2010 schedule with a list of new shows with details.

FOX 2010 upfronts: complete fall schedule

FOX's fall and spring schedule with new show details and photos from new series.

CBS "upfront" coverage introduction

Upfront introduction, links to all the CBS upfront coverage pages, and a list of what shows have been canceled, renewed, or are on the bubble.

CBS 2010 upfronts: Mid-season replacements

Detailed information on all of CBS's mid-season replacement pilots, some of which will air this summer.

CBS 2010 upfronts: Comedy pilots

Detailed information on all of CBS's comedy pilots, some of which will air this fall.

CBS 2010 upfronts: Drama pilots

Detailed information on all of CBS's drama pilots, some of which will air this fall.

ABC "upfront" coverage introduction

Upfront introduction, links to all the ABC upfront coverage pages, and a list of what shows have been canceled, renewed, or are on the bubble.

ABC 2010 upfronts: Drama pilots

Detailed information on all of ABCs drama pilots, some of which will air this fall.

ABC 2010 upfronts: Comedy pilots

Detailed information on all of ABC's comedy pilots, some of which will air this fall.

ABC 2010 upfronts: Mid-season replacements

Detailed information on all of ABC's mid-season replacement pilots, some of which will air this summer.

FOX "upfront" coverage introduction

Upfront introduction, links to all the FOX upfront coverage pages, and a list of what shows have been canceled, renewed, or are on the bubble.

FOX 2010 upfronts: Comedy pilots

Detailed information on all of FOX's comedy pilots, some of which will air this fall.

FOX 2010 upfronts: Drama pilots

Detailed information on all of FOX's drama pilots, some of which will air this fall.

FOX 2010 upfronts: Mid-season replacements

Detailed information on all of FOX's mid-season replacement pilots, some of which will air this summer.

NBC 2010 upfronts: Comedy pilots

Comedy pilots ordered by NBC for consideration for the 2010 fall season. Any new series will come from this pile and be announced at the upfronts next week.

NBC 2010 upfronts: Mid-season replacements

Mid-season replacements considered by NBC for the 2010 summer season. Any new series will come from this pile and be announced at the upfronts next week.

NBC "upfront" coverage introduction

Introduction to my coverage of NBC's upfronts and their development program, with links to new comedy and drama pilots and mid-season replacements.

NBC 2010 upfronts: Drama pilots

Drama pilots ordered by NBC for consideration for the 2010 fall season. Any new series will come from this pile and be announced at the upfronts next week.

The Media Pundit most read posts from 2009

Here lay the most read posts of 2009, following 2008 and 2007 (links to the other posts included at the bottom of this one.)

The Media Pundit most read posts from 2008

After recapping the most read posts from the inaugural year of 2007 yesterday, today I'll go over the most read posts of 2008 -- now expanded to the top 10 posts.

The Media Pundit most read posts from 2007

With 2 1/2 years in the books, I'm recapping the most read posts since The Media Pundit launched, beginning with 2007.

Inglourious Basterds gets a Best Picture nod from OFCS

Inglourious Basterds has been nominated for Best Picture by the Online Film Critics Society, will an Oscar nod be next?

Record box-office, labor strife, and more top stories of 2009

A bullet-proof box -office, Tarantino is back, and the switch to high-def top the list of biggest 2009 entertainment stories that don't include the soap-opra lives of celebs or politics.

Still not your daddy's Sci-Fi

The misapplication of "sci-fi" to many shows that are no such thing is making it almost impossible to actually discuss sci-fi at all.

Repost: How NBC can get its groove back

NBC needs bold leadership willing to take risks and ignore conventional wisdom to get back into the game. Here's how.
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How NBC can get its groove back

NBC has made a number of fundamental mistakes that can be overcome with proper leadership and the willingness to take some risks.

Nothing Paranormal about bad choices

Paranormal Activity's success illustrates the near constant failure of the studio system to create compelling, original content that makes money -- and proves that it can be done.
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This is how the networks can win the ratings war

Nearly every show is losing viewers on Friday night and here are a few things the networks can do to reverse that trend.
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Stargate Universe review (Part 2); "This is not a game."

Part 2 of an exclusive review of Stargate Universe.

Stargate Universe review (Part 1); "We're here. That happened."

Part 1 of an exclusive review of Stargate Universe.

Not bloody likely

Fox was quickly caught lying about the "missing 10 minutes" of footage in the Wolverine screener, but are they lying about lying?

2009 Oscar Nominations

The nomination list for the 81st Academy Awards.

Top entertainment stories, or top media fascinations?

MSNBC's list of the top 10 entertainment stories of 2008 gets reshuffled according to their actual impact on our culture and society, rather than based on media obsession.

When criticism becomes reverse-fanboyism

When you're using industry-standard cherry picked quotes from critics as a point to attack a film maker -- a studio sin -- you're delving into reverse-fanboy territory.
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Five free pieces of advice for the Networks

Five free pieces of advice for the TV networks on how not to drive me into selling my TV.

Shows like Heroes may give rise to new type of series

The fine folks over at CliqueClack gave me the opportunity to write a guest post on their site about my favorite thing: television.
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Not done dumping on SCC by a long shot

Taking on Bob Degon, point-by-point, five reasons why Terminator: SCC is anything but one of the best shows on television.
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Paging Doctor Greene

Looking at Anthony Edwards' return to E.R., and two contrasting shows that in the day and age of half-season orders, managed to stay on the air for a decade.
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On the matter of unstable TV shows

Taking a look at Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Terminator, Sanctuary, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy and Prison Break and how each ratings-troubled show has been treated differently under similar circumstances.
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Polls show Obama takes second debate from McCain

Last night's debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama was won handily by the D.C. newcomer, according to snap polling conducted by CBS last night.
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Heroes is back with a bang

Lightly exploring the origins of Tim Kring, and dipping into the third season premier of Heroes, "The Second Coming".

On agents of evil and the web replacing television

Introducing two lengthy comments/discussions I've had on sites other than my own relating to Hollywood agents and how the web will never replace television.

Aaron Sorkin was a member of the "cave first" faction

Aaron Sorkin in an interview with GQ revealed that he was a member of a tiny writers faction that wanted the WGA to accept the DGA deal before he even got to read it.
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Q&A with Atlantis showrunner Joe Mallozzi

Stargate exec-prod Joe Mallozzi fields some questions on the end of Atlantis and the continuing Stargate franchise.

Unanswered questions with sinking of Atlantis

Brad Wright reveals in an interview with GateWorld that the cancellation of Atlantis was a mutual decision between himself, MGM, and the Scifi Channel.

It's not possible

Avatar didn't get the credit it deserved; it took SG-1 to a whole new level that is rarefied air for any television series ever seen.

Comic Con: Thursday & Friday Part 1

The Thursday and Friday news roundup, part 1 with more to come later tonight.

Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

Comic Con daily roundup for Wednesday, July 23rd.

FCC vs MPAA vs us, no matter who wins, we lose.

The MPAA censors Kevin Smith's latest flick, will the FCC is blown out of the water by a federal appeals court over "fleeting images."
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Crazy big Comic Con roundup

Comic Con daily news roundup for July 18th-22nd.

Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

A roundup of 2008 Comic Con news for Thursday, July 17th 2008.

On The Dark Knight hype and $100 tickets

On Heath Ledgers passing giving rise to hype larger than life, and $100 movie tickets paid for by morons.
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Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

A daily roundup of Comic Con 2008 news for Wednesday, July 16th.

Why does Hollywood hate writers?

Entertainment writers raised hell when it looked like Marvel was too cheap to bring back director John Favreau for Iron Man II, so where's the rage over new writers?

Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

A roundup of 2008 Comic Con news for Tuesday, July 15th 2008.

Comic Con 2008 web coverage

A one-stop-shop for 2008 Comic-Con in San Diego coverage from across the web.

If it's Kevin Smith or the MPAA, the MPAA has to go

The MPAA doesn't have it out for Kevin Smith, they are simply the remnants of a bygone era that needs to be replaced or shut down altogether.
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SAG and AMPTP deadlocked with strike in sight

Negotiations between SAG and AMPTP haven't amounted to much, and with the new fall season in full production and Comic-Con coming up in a few weeks, are we in for another strike?
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Dina Lohan is a great parent

Dina Lohan has caused a minor uproar by exposing her 14-year-old daughter to smut while filming an episode of her reality show. Cool..
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This is why we can't have nice things

Old people who never grew up + old band reunion concerts = 1.5 metric tons of suck.

On gifting away the posessory credit

Any director that wants the posessory credit can get it just by asking, but who needs to ask when the media and bloggers just give it away automatically?
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Journalism may be a relic in history

In liberated Afghanistan, a journalist who "insulted Islam" has been sentenced to death. Unless you looked for it, you'd never even know how bad the world really is.

Abrams gives bad vibes towards Trek sequel

Abrams doesn't strike me as a person that understands this. Quite the opposite, J. J. Abrams was the safe bet that they knew wouldn't try to take Trek out of the box in that way, and his choice was in service of that philosophy and practically guarantees this won't be what people really want to see.
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Not so fast

For what it's worth, DVRs still beat streaming online hands down.

Barry Sonnenfeld: "The Internet will destroy democracy"

Barry Sonnenfeld thinks the Internet will destroy privacy and democracy, and that to save us from the Bush administration, we must put down our computers. Right now. Seriously.

Money, baby.

Most successful shows go off the air because their costs inevitably exceed revenue.

Culture has nothing to do with it

Addressing misconceptions about how and why veteran TV shows fail -- put simply they don't.

Clooney goes fi-scab

George Clooney has gone fi-core in protest of losing credit arbitration over rewriting the screenplay for Leatherheads. The man is now officially a pathetic scab.

Big Content Still Doesn't Get It

Eric Bangeman writing for Ars Technica wrote yesterday about a change coming in April in the way DirecTV's satellite receiver/DVR combo will treat pay-per-view recordings. As has been feared ever since a bug in a TiVo software update triggered a "lockdown" of sorts on programming that would only remain on the system for 24 hours before being automatically deleted -- whether you wanted that to happen or not -- it seems that DirecTV has caved to outside pressure and implemented precisely this type of content control, effective April 15th....

Hollywood Tuna accusing Egotastic of poaching content

Hollywood Tuna accuses Egotastic of poaching its content..that it doesn't own and didn't make. Taking a look a link aggregators and how ridiculous this claim is.

The TV Landscape is Changing, and We Better Be Ready

While the studios and networks that produce virtually all television content are monoliths that respond slowly to change, and often fight it to their own detriment, we're all experiencing a transformation of that medium in ways that nobody truly seems to understand.Last year's fall television season would likely have continued an unfortunate yet increasingly common trend where the networks divide an industry-standard 22 or 24-episode season into two distinct halves. Some networks have taken to calling the forced mid-season hiatus the "season finale" without bothering to call the corresponding return the "season premier", as if the industry is floating the idea of redefining the term until a "season" consists of about 11 or 12 episodes, but don't really want to...

Lots to find fault with in The Last Man

Stargate Atlantis aired its fourth season finale on Friday, called The Last Man, and it really was a mixed bag that had an interesting peek into a grim future, but really failed to deliver a knockout punch that the best season yet truly deserved. This bag had enough things in it that most people should have been able to pull out something to enjoy, but it actually felt really very empty to me. Kindred 1&2 felt like the season was going to end in such a way that the finale could figuratively and -- within that fictional universe -- literally explode in practically any direction that could drastically reshape the entire galaxy in which the show takes place. Something so...

Best scifi film poll topped by non-scifi flick

The Scifi Channel website recently ran an email poll asking readers to pick their top 10 favorite science fiction films of all time, from AFI's own top 50 list published at times unknown. It's of little surprise that one of the Star Wars films topped the list, even though isn't not anything remotely close to science fiction unless you broaden the meaning to include pretty much anything that takes place in space. If it's 50 years in the future, and I'm standing on the moon taking a dump, well that's science fiction according to Scifi.This -- coming from The Science Fiction Channel -- that shows pro-wrestling and B-horror movies on the weekend. This list represents the best of science fiction...

Arguing with Zeff Zucker

NewTeeVee has lots of sound bites from NBC's Jeff Zucker's talk at the Harvard Business School a couple of days ago. For whatever reason, it seems like the main qualification to be a CEO is the completely inability to adapt to changing markets, with an irrepressible urge to hang onto the past as long as humanly possible, regardless of the consequences.Zucker fits that mold quite well, based on some of the crap coming out of this guys mouth. He's still mad at Apple for rebuking NBC's attempt to raise the price of TV shows (only for NBC to start streaming them for free), apparently doesn't know net neutrality is, and wants everyone to believe that the writers strike was a...

This ain't your daddies Scifi

There's a funny poll running on Scifi Wire today asking readers which of the listed films should win the Saturn award for best Scifi flick. It's funny because of the six choices, only two of them are actually science fiction, while most are borderline stupid and just do not belong. I could go on for pages about how the term has been so abused over the years that it doesn't really resemble the original use in any way. It feels like virtually anything that isn't a comedy can be called Scifi now, and people don't even think about it.I've seen people say that Lost is science fiction, and Heroes, and these films are even more ludicrous; Transformers, Fantastic Four, and...

No Oscars For Old People

I missed the first hour or so of the Oscars last night, which quickly brings me to my first point: it's on too late. They need to either tape the show on Saturday and broadcast it Sunday so that it'll be on at a reasonable time in every timezone, or hold the event in New York or anywhere else in the eastern timezone.Of course that'll never happen, even though to not do it is self absorbed and logistically retarded on every imaginable level. It must be nice for the program to start at 5:30pm and have it wind down at around 9pm, but the left coast is pretty much the only place that can happen, and with the ratings the...

Jericho an example of finite-length serial drama

While catching up on DVR stuff (20+ hours of backlog) I managed to snag the season debut of Jericho on CBS West. Now I haven't got a lot to go on here, but I'm just not getting good vibes.The ratings were just about where the show left off when it was canceled, which is better than I expected after such a long time off, though they should have been a lot better with no other real scripted competition to deal with. With a slashed budget and slightly smaller cast, you'd figure that identical ratings to what it was canceled would actually work in its favor since CBS is getting the same number of peepers and the same advertising dollars, yet...

Interview with Chip Proser (Adopt a Writer)

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a project to interview striking writers, to give them the same kind of publicity that the studios and networks get by default from their parent corporations owning all of the largest newspapers and TV stations -- basically they own the media we depend on to get "fair and balanced" news.What follows is my interview with veteran jack-of-all-trades writer, director, producer, and everything else you can imagine, Chip Proser. who has been busy for much of the last three months working a cause that he deeply believes in....

Adopt a Writer highlights

While I'm busy working with my adopted writer (my questions which I wanted to send yesterday will instead be going out later tonight) I thought it'd be nice for the project to highlight some of the interviews that have already gone up on the collective site. Though I don't have a great deal of time at this very moment, in brief review, I see based on the post titles that there appear to be seven interviews up for your consumption.Here are some excerpts from the most recent few. A lot of hard work and time by a number of people have been put into bringing you these interviews, so I'm sure they'd appreciate if you could check them out, and...

Adopt a Writer coming to The Media Pundit

Ever since this blog went dark for a day in support of the writers strike, some things have been going on (too slowly for my tastes) to arrange a series of interviews between striking writers, and bloggers, called Adopt a Writer. My first adoption didn't work out -- the writer I contacted hasn't responded for the last seven days, so I've adopted another one whom I sent a letter to this evening.I really hope to have that wrapped up quickly and posted for all of you as soon as humanly possible, so be on the lookout for it. I plan to interview as many people as I can get my hands on, so naturally it's frustrating to wait a full...

In Brief

Still experimenting with new ways of linking news and writing commentary here, so bear with me as I try a daily post with summaries to things that might not warrant a post of their own but still may be of interest. Please leave comments if you have any.Featured: Letterman, 4400/Dead Zone, AvP, bad puns, more.....
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5 Things to do During The Strike

With only a few series left to air new episodes in January, there's just not going to be much to watch on TV if you're not a fan of reality for a good long while. That got me thinking of things you could do to get your fix, and if your life is anything like the rest of ours, then there's plenty of things to see now that over the years you just didn't have time for.But now you do!Subscribe to Netflix and look up some TV series that you thought you'd probably like, but knew you didn't have time for. For me, that means the second and third seasons of House, and pretty much every season of Lost. With...

John Campea still doesn't get it

Back in September, I rebutted some things in a post on The Movie Blog about the strike in which its author, John Campea, got just about everything wrong. You can read everything I've written on the topic since this site was launched by going to the labor category.Since I've fallen behind in news gathering recently, I decided to target a few specific sites that I knew would have interesting content (good or bad) and topping that list was The Movie Blog. Given how badly Campea had been covering the strike up until that point, I figured there'd be some ripe material that needed corrections and explanations that Campea has proven in the past unwilling to publish, or even debate.I wasn't...

Heroes: Truth & Consequences

The better the series gets, the less I have to say about it because I'm busy enjoying it and would rather just let it simmer in my mind after watching it, trying to extend the suspension of reality for as long as possible to, as I said, enjoy it rather than eating it.I only have two notes for Truth & Consequences with another floating in the background, and it figures that just when we're at a point where I can sit back and enjoy Heroes without bitching about anything, we've reached the end of the strike shortened season....

A lesson for people thinking about inflating their traffic numbers

There's a bizarre story in the Times today about Deadline Hollywood, Nikki Finke's site which I tend to read (and assail) almost every day for one inaccuracy or another. This time though, I think things are a little more despicable than usual. In the Times story, Brain Stelter says that Finke claims that her site before the strike "averaged 350,000 page views a day" and was averaging almost one million this month.I don't know why (a) reporters don't check their facts; (b) people lie on the Internet and think they can get away with it. One of those has to be the case because the numbers Finke gave to the Times are 100% false. All you have to do is...

Crappy script has Brad Pitt walk from 'State of Play'

This is going to be a little controversial and will undoubtedly lead to somebody somewhere calling me an idiot, but I see this as a good thing. Of the movies that looked as if they had gotten their scripts into a shootable form before the Nov. 5 strike, a few came up just a little short, and we get word every few days now of another flick that just wasn't quite there yet and will have to be put on ice until the differences between the Writers Guild of America, and the Association of Motion Picture & Television Producers, is settled.State Of Play has apparently fallen apart primarily because Brad Pitt didn't like the script, and now there isn't anybody...

Brady's New England Patriots have no class

I have no intention of doing sports here beyond the occasional TV schedule for a major sport's playoff, but I really need to get this off my chest.I'd like to say to all of you Patriots fans out there that your team, bar none, has the least amount of class of any team in the NFL. Up by over thirty points, your hero of a QB had to go for it on fourth down not once, but twice. You had already won the game by half time, but that wasn't good enough for you. Playing against a team ranked second to last in scoring that up until last week hadn't been over .500 for over two years, with 32 and...

Strike News Roundup: November 8th

Defamer has a number of great links today, including news that Fox has shelved 24 in favor of Prison Break and The Sarah Connor Chronicles due to running short on episodes for the former ailing drama. 24 and Chronicles were scheduled to debut side-by-side with Prison Break being pushed back, but now it looks like PB will hit the air first, followed by Chronicles mid-month, with 24 to be held back until the strike ends.If you choose to count it, 24 makes the eighth show to be negatively affected by the strike earlier than planned.Nikki Finke had the hilarious idea that agents are the magical solution to the strike, that both sides negotiators be benched and replaced. Let's think about...
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Quick Update About 'In Their Own Words'

I know I said I was going to get the first one up on Monday, but I really want to make these quality posts, and those take some time to put together. I really should have pulled out a studio trick and banked three or four of them before even announcing the series, but I didn't, because I'm a retard (much like the studios.)The first post in the series will may be broken up into parts, because the subject has been kind of prolific. Others near the end will be shorter because I'm going to cover some people that have only written a post or two after the strike started, talking about walking the picket line. Bryce Zabel has some...

Heroes: Out Of Time

This episode was great in that it really set us up for the seasons real arc: stopping the plague. The notepad I use to jot down thoughts while I watch the show has been divided by episode and each passage was longer than the last, meaning more complaints every single time out.This one was a third of the last size and after seeing the teaser for next week, I don't plan on writing another one of these things for at least another two weeks - possibly never again....

Working Writers on the Strike, In Their Own Words.

And to think, I used to get paid for this..I've seen a lot of working writers blogging about the strike in the past few days, some of them over the past few weeks, and one that writes all about this kind of thing on a regular basis. I've been writing about it myself for the better part of a year on a multitude of websites, and even though my understanding of labor issues has been questioned by a person or two who probably just didn't know any better, I've had articles on webisodes linked to from the Writers Guild of America's front page and been quoted in a labor trade magazine in the subject.My labor coverage has been generally praised...

More on Writing With Partners

I've thought about this for a bit and while I generally don't think this is even worth the time since this is almost entirely trolling on the part of another party, it's probably worth getting a few words in here to clear the air because loud annoying people..well annoy me. I wrote a post called Writing With Partners on Oct 25th which linked to an article by Patrick Walsh on Cinematical which featured some tips for writing with partners, hence the title.Two items that have become flash points are partnerships and outlines.I don't see the value in writing partners for reasons that matter only to me and are not really subject to debate by others. I am not the only...

MTV Pumps Trek and Quinto

I definitely feel a sense of optimism surrounding the new Trek flick, though I credit it less to J. J. Abrams directing than I do the lack of Rick Berman and company pitching in. Berman has become the most reviled producers in Trek history for the way he's treated the Trek franchise with the terrible Voyager, three bad seasons of Enterprise, and the absolutely dreadful films featuring the TNG cast. I'll be looking forward to seeing this new flick, but only once it comes out on DVD. Abrams has no credibility with me because I'm one of the few people that think Lost is a hackjob, and I'm certainly not alone in pointing out its huge drop in the ratings...
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Feature: Drinking Jesus Juice at Deadline Hollywood

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood and I don't see things eye-to-eye when it comes to Hollywood labor. She drinks the coolaid the studios gave out to the press when they took their retarded residual rollbacks off the table in the first sign that perhaps they are actually interested in trying to negotiate a new deal before the strike occurs. For somebody who appears to be a legitimate "expert" on industry execs - insofar as one can be such a thing - and I respect her insight, access, and stinging if not often insulting and unprofessional attacks on said execs, she just continues to miss the big picture....
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My Thoughts on SGA "Reunion"

Joseph Mallozzi is an executive producer and writer for Stargate Atlantis, one of many professional writers who blog about their job and (to a degree) their personal life as well. Along with this quick introduction in case you might be interested in this, I also give you the opportunity to skip this post if you've never seen SGA, don't particularly care about the finer points of television writing and are looking for something else.This may not be for you.If you are at all curious, read on. Joe wrote what amounts to a blow-by-blow of 4x03 - Reunion, from his perspective as an EP and the writer. I think as an amateur writer, this is a wonderful opportunity to write...

Halo 3 Sales Numbers Pathetically Overblown

Halo 3 sales numbers teach us that comparing games and movies is fundamentally flawed, and that even so, games have a long way to go regardless.

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