Love really does bite for NBC

by Paul William Tenny

Actress Becki Newton on the set of the Love Bites pilot.
Actress Becki Newton on the set of the Love Bites pilot.

According to this rumor, NBC is bumping Love Bites back a couple of weeks to deal with two problems that have cropped up. Apparently, the showrunner isn't going to be the showrunner anymore due to personal issues, so the person with the definitive vision for what this show is supposed to be is being relegated to staff writer, and they need someone else to come in, who will probably change the show to fit their vision whether they do it purposefully or not.

It happens from time to time -- in fact many shows shoot pilots with the intention of hiring a good showrunner later -- so it may or may not be bad for the show. It could be that the original showrunner's vision sucked, and the new one has a better take on it and makes it successful. Or it could be the new person comes in and screws up a good thing.

We'll probably never know since this is happening so early.

But all I really care about is the second, hilarious "problem": star Becki Newton, who reportedly was to play a virgin on the show, just got pregnant.


Congratulations, Becki. And my condolences to NBC, who now has to change what presumably was a critical part of the show. Why make a character a virgin if it wasn't going to be a big deal? Well, now it is a big deal.

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