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Game on: iOS 4.3 beta hints at Apple TV with gaming support

The next version of Apple's signature mobile operating system has clues to pointing towards gaming support coming to Apple TV.

Fan-made Zelda movie squashed by Nintendo

A fan-made movie based on the Zelda game franchise that was four years in the making and had screenings in New York and Los Angeles has been squashed by Nintendo for rights violations.

Verbinski is done with Pirates franchise

A rumor from last spring has come to pass: Gore Verbinksi is dumping the Pirates franchise in favor of adapting Take-Two Interactive's BioShock into a feature film.

'Pirate's' Verbinski to helm Bioshock for Universal

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski will adapt 2k Games 'Bioshock' into a feature film for Universal.

Congress wants ID to buy M-rated games

Ars reports that a bill has been introduced in the House to require ID in order to buy M-rated video games -- right after an FTC report says it's getting harder for minors to buy M-rated games.

GTA IV does $500 million first-week

GTA IV does $500 million in sales during the first week, for a $100 million game production, plus at least $50 million marketing -- turns out it takes money to make money.

Iron Man cashes in $201+ million globally

Fears that the release of GTA IV could threaten Marvel/Paramount's Iron Man were for naught; flick opened over $200 million globally for one of the largest releases ever.

Matt Damon won't do Bourne game, says too violent

Matt Damon backed out of a the Bourne Conspiracy game due to -- get this -- too much violence. Matt Damon's mom approves of this message.
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In Brief

24 webisodes work well; WGA strike has lasting impact, Bear Grylls is a wimp, Still on Tropic Thunder, more of my reading list..
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Jack Thompson harasses Take2 exec's mom

Jack Thompson personally harasses a Take2 exec's mother.

Wil Wheaton on moralist game rage

Wil Wheaton and Keith Boesky share their thoughts on GTA IV and violent video games and the obsessively violent reactions then engender.

GTA IV spawns more hype over games vs. movies

Just like last year, the next big game release has spurred the media to declare that games are finally as big -- if not bigger -- than movies are. Bulls**t.

Stephen King has the right idea

Stephen King reflects on video game censorship laws in his home state, and I throw in my two cents.

A wager built on sand

Came across a post by Steve Gaynor this afternoon via Penny Arcade, whereby Gaynor wagers that video games won't be any more culturally ingrained or introspective as films and books have been 50 years from now, or pretty much ever. I don't believe in betting generally because it's the essential definition of risk without mitigation, which is obviously never really a good idea. That aside, I believe this wager is crafted too narrowly and therefore is weighted too heavily in favor of the person proposing it.I could make all sorts of analogies here, but I'll just cut to the chase. To say that video games won't be as culturally ingrained as films and books at any point in time is...

5 Things to do During The Strike

With only a few series left to air new episodes in January, there's just not going to be much to watch on TV if you're not a fan of reality for a good long while. That got me thinking of things you could do to get your fix, and if your life is anything like the rest of ours, then there's plenty of things to see now that over the years you just didn't have time for.But now you do!Subscribe to Netflix and look up some TV series that you thought you'd probably like, but knew you didn't have time for. For me, that means the second and third seasons of House, and pretty much every season of Lost. With...

Sequel titles mark windfall for Activision

Anybody who thinks that making games is still a niche industry unworthy of serious attention in the global entertainment market is probably still right, because the companies that make games generally aren't the ones getting filthy rich off of their creations.Much as is the case in any creative endeavor, it's the parent company at the top of the ownership ladder that is pulling in the big bucks. Case in point, Activision is putting up some dizzying numbers this year by doing exactly what Hollywood has been doing for a long time now: milking the absolute hell out of sequel titles....

Marky Mark will bring you Maximum Payne..if you ask nicely

The bad news is that movie studios are continuing to bring us game-to-film adaptations that we don't really want, even though Uwe Boll continues aborting one after another after another, all of which we really don't want. The good news is that Uwe Boll isn't directing this one, so it will probably only half suck depending on how bored you are. Max Payne came out in 2001 and I think was the first game to utilize the "bullet time" special effect pioneered in the Matrix films, along with semi-destructible walls and levels, although it was otherwise unremarkable.Mark Wahlberg is in talks to play title character Max Payne in a venture for Fox, with a script written by Beau Thorne (we...

'Guitar Hero III' Wants a Piece of 'Halo 3'

As far as numbers go, these are pretty big. The third iteration of Activision's Guitar Hero III managed to do about $100 million worth of business in its first week on sale, according to Variety. Hysterically, the price for GH3 is only about $40 more than Halo 3, yet you get the game plus an instrument to go with it, making it far more of a bargain than the current fare of overpriced console games.Rumors indicate that Activision was immediately contacted by a major movie studio interested in adapting the game into a feature film. After the initial confusion over how you could turn a game that consists of players strumming a cheap piece of plastic all night into a...

Shock: TV Doesn't Cause Violence

I think people that believe that television, movies, and games cause kids to become violent are generally real prudes and that almost all of life's annoyances can be traced directly back to prudish people who want to ruin all the fun in life for the rest of us. They don't like porn or violence but it isn't enough just for them to avoid exposing themselves to it, they have to forbid the rest of us from having it too, because controlling other peoples lives makes them feel more secure since deep down, they know they have no control over their own.Congratulations if you managed to stomach my sermon, for I now reward you with a study about to be released...

EverQuest Movie Greenlit

Yes, those evil fiends we like to call studio executives are once again wasting their $4.3 billion record summer booty so they can spend their woeful days running writers babies through blenders to squeeze more money out of them are making a movie based on an RPG (Role Playing Game) and for whatever reason, they choose the one that isn't the most popular of the bunch to spend their coin on.Because I don't play, don't like, and know nothing about MMORPGs (don't ask what it means or you'll turn into one of them) I simply present you with this picture of Boston pitcher Curt Shilling playing EverQuest.Click on the picture to see a larger version, or read about this sad,...

More 'Halo 3' Rants From So-Called Experts

Am I obsessed with this? No, just slightly annoyed. You haven't seen obsessed yet. Nikki Finke is undoubtedly more of an expert on all things Hollywood than I am, and her cited games expert is certainly better placed than I to speak authoritatively on many game related discussions, and yet the silly hype over the Halo 3 sales numbers continues and the so-called experts are still content to compare apples and oranges....

Another Look at 'Halo 3' Sales Numbers

The last time I wrote a post that clearly showed Halo 3's sales numbers were overblown, a number of the games fans weren't too happy and accused me of being biased against Halo 3 specifically, Halo in general, and games overall. Of course none of those things are true, and thus far the numbers have held up fairly well. Now that more sales figures are in, it's take to take another quick look at how this game compares to the major motion pictures of this past summer....

Halo 3 Sales Numbers Pathetically Overblown

Halo 3 sales numbers teach us that comparing games and movies is fundamentally flawed, and that even so, games have a long way to go regardless.

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