In L.A., They Kiss Ass With The Best

by Paul William Tenny

There's been a lot of ass kissing going on over at Deadline Hollywood lately and sometimes I wonder if people pay any attention to what they are doing and saying anymore. Consider this fellow who is a writer for Ugly Betty, who laminates over chanting in front of the studios that writers are canceling their subscriptions to the trade magazines Hollywood Reporter and Variety in favor of DHD. I wonder if this guy ever actually reads DHD, and how he would feel if he knew that Finke drank the studio koolaid about the residual rollback's coming off the table being a real concession?

I thought Nikki and the producers were the only people on Earth that actually bought that line of garbage, but I guess not. I wonder what Verrone and Young would think if they knew people in the membership got suckered by it? I don't hold myself up as an example of anything and I'm certainly not a reporter, anymore than I would say this blog is dedicated to news - it's not, and I'm not. But neither is DHD, and people need to stop accepting everything they read there as fact and truth - it ain't.

The best source for rumors surrounding the strike: yes, but not much else. Even if I do refresh it every 1.5 seconds.
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