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I live on the east coast of the United States (GMT -5:00), so please keep that in mind when sending email or an instant message. You can see what time it is locally here. I'll get to these things as I have the time.

I can be reached at I would appreciate a friendly note if you notice something is broken on the site. Criticism would be a better fit for the comments, but if you feel the need, you can send it my way and I'll do what I can to improve my game.

Instant Message

I'm usually logged into all of these services and should be able to receive messages from people who aren't on my buddy list. I prefer XMPP, but use whatever you feel like using. I'm not putting this up here for idle chat, but if you've got a question, suggestion, or anything like that, send me a message and I'll talk if I'm not busy. Most programs let you state a reason for adding a person ("I know you from ..."). Please use a reason to avoid being denied as a spam bot.

AIM:     pwtenny316
ICQ:     978976
Yahoo:   pwtenny

Cell and Telephone
Available upon request.

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