SMG says a new Buffy flick wouldn't work

by Paul William Tenny

sarah-michelle-gellar.jpgInsert the obligatory introduction mentioning how if it hadn't been for the production and failure of a Buffy movie, there wouldn't have been a series to begin with, and hence no opportunity for Sarah Michelle Gellar to piss all over the hopes and dreams of many-a-devoted fan.

Then edit to remind readers that there has already been one Buffy flick, so you can't really say a Buffy flick wouldn't work. Struggle with the inevitable formatting difficulties of inserting a blockquote with the proper spacing both above, and below, the introduction paragraph and summarization.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from creator Joss Whedon, was itself a reboot of the flop 1992 movie of the same name that starred Kristy Swanson.

Point out the painfully obvious: Joss Whedon may be a god, but even god writes a stinker every once in a while.

Summarize with notes about Gellar appearing on Letterman a few days ago to pump a new movie, and how there is nothing substantiative in the Scifi-wire article I'm linking everyone to.

Finally, put a sticky note on monitor to actually write this "news" as if it were actually worth reading. Don't forget to pat self on back for adding picture of SMG being totally awesome.
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