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This site accepts both private advertising agreements and targets through Google's AdSense program. We focus on television shows, feature films, and the industry that supports them with news and commentary. All advertisements should be related to the topic of this website (TV shows, movies, industry news, games, news, e.g. "entertainment") or as closely related as possible. Electronics (DVD players, TVs, phones, gadgets, etc) are an example of related ads that would be preferred. However, all inquiries will be considered.

Please send all offers or questions to Paul Tenny (

Paid Links
Paid links will not be accepted under any circumstances. We are interested in genuine advertising opportunities or paid referrals only. This is not the same thing as links inside content (such as context-sensitive advertising or keyword buying), please read this post and this one by Google's Matt Cutts to understand what I'm talking about when I refer to paid links. Here's a excerpt:

Q: Now when you say "paid links," what exactly do you mean by that? Do you view all paid links as potential violations of Google's quality guidelines?

A: Good question. As someone working on quality and relevance at Google, my bottom-line concern is clean and relevant search results on Google. As such, I care about paid links that flow PageRank and attempt to game Google's rankings. I'm not worried about links that are paid but don't affect search engines. So when I say "paid links" it's pretty safe to add in your head "paid links that flow PageRank and attempt to game Google's rankings."

Cost per mille (CPM) Ads
All inquiries regarding impression-based advertisements are welcome. Virtually any placement will be considered and if necessary, the site design can be modified to accommodate the needs of advertisers. This is inclusive to private advertising agreements and advertisers using AdSense site targeting.

Cost per click (CPC) Ads
All inquiries regarding click-based advertisements are also welcome with the same rules as stated above, although CPM advertising partnerships are preferred.

Traffic and Demographics
Detailed information on demographics and historical traffic records are available upon request. Current statistics packages are Google Analytics (since Q3 2007) and Quantcast since Q1 2009.

Last 22 months: 194,000k pageviews, 163,000 unique visitors.
Q3 2008: 27,000, 23,000.
Q4 2008: 28,000, 24,000.
Q1 2009: 23,600, 21,000.

49% of visitors use Internet Explorer, while 39% use Mozilla Firefox. Demos skews toward males, with gender neutral age concentrated between 18-49 (heaviest 18-34). 82% of traffic comes from search engines so while our traffic numbers are relatively low, the overwhelming majority of views come from new visitors (over 90%).

62% of traffic originates from the United States, with significant contributions from the United Kingdom and Canada. California and New York top the list of traffic broken down by states, with the top cities being New York and Los Angeles. As with traffic and demographics, more detailed information is available upon request.

Please send all offers or questions to Paul Tenny (

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