The Media Pundit most read posts from 2007

by Paul William Tenny

The Media Pundit has been around for a solid two and a half years now, so I guess it's about time to recap the most read posts we've had since launching in July of 2007. And when I say we, I mean me, since I'm the only writer here. Today I'll recap 2007, and on Saturday I'll do 2008, with 2009 coming Sunday, and a top-posts-of-all-time coming on Monday.

I hope you find these posts interesting, although 2007 honestly looks a little stale.
So here it is, the most read posts the inaugural year (which is really only half a year, since I launched in July.)

1. 'Jericho' Season 2 Bits (updated) (15,992 views)
This post was one in an informal series on Jericho, a show I was (and still am) a huge fan of. After the first season wrapped up and the show was canceled, fans managed to convince CBS to revive the series for another go. It was produced in full (half a season order) before the 2007-2008 writers' strike hit. CBS banked the series and then aired it during the strike. The ratings weren't good enough to keep going, so the series wrapped up early in 2008. This post had some real legs and kept bringing in comments for nearly six months. It didn't get a lot, but they just kept coming.

2. Streaming and Download Links: Heroes, Chuck, Bionic Woman, The Office, Friday Night Lights (7,192 views)
The title pretty much says it all. Most of these shows were new and hot in 2007 and this was before existed. There were links to where you could stream these shows from NBC's website. The links still seem to work if you're interested in getting content from somewhere other than Hulu. This post actually received more views in 2008 than 2007: 12,719.

3. Watch the Heroes Season 2 Premier 'Four Months Later' Streaming Now (6,220 views)
A simple post with links to where people could watch the second season premier of Heroes, which was a really hot show at that point.

4. The index. (2,304 views)
I'm going to give you six "posts" since the fourth most read "post" in 2007 was actually the site's main page.

5. Does George Lucas Expect Writers to Cross The Strike Line For Him? (1,918 views)
The ramifications of this still bother me. This was only a couple of weeks before the Writers Guild of America was going to end up on strike, and everybody new it. But George Lucas was reportedly looking for writers to work on a live-action Star Wars television series, people who would be working during the strike, making them scabs, and George Lucas much, much worse. This story ended up on which is where almost all of its traffic came from. Almost all of the views cam over a three day period because of that.

6. Heroes: Four Months Later (1,863 views)
My review of the second season Heroes premier. As I said above, Heroes was a hot property back then and a lot of people were looking for reviews. The success of this post led me to review the first half of the season.

There it is, the top five posts for 2007, the first half-year of this blogs existence. We got 35,489 views across these six items but that only accounted for half the traffic that year. Overall, The Media Pundit got 61,199 views in 2007 which is a pretty darn good start, and a mammoth step up from this blog's predecessor on Blogspot.

Tomorrow I'll do the top posts for 2008 and update this post with a link when it goes live. Or you can subscribe via RSS/Atom, email, or follow on Twitter to be notified when new posts go up.

Update: The recap for 2008 is up.
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