Comic Con: Thursday & Friday Part 1

by Paul William Tenny

Comic Con signYour dose of webcrap for Thursday, July 24th. I'm dividing these things into two parts now, stories about the convention, and stories from the convention. If you're only interesting in reading content written by people who are actually there (why are you reading this?) then skip down to this section. Otherwise, read on!
General stories
I'm filtering out the stories lacking content like this one from Wired that is essentially just telling us what we've known for weeks and really just kind of serves as another page on which to put ads. For shame Wired, for shame. The LA Times gets a free pass for this empty shell because hey, at least it's more than three paragraphs. What really matters is the actual convention coverage which I assume you'll see some from Thursday as the early convention events opened, and whatever you've already seen from today. But so long as we're talking about Wired, here's a story about Doctor Who including news that new showrunner Steven Moffat turned down a chance to work with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson in order to do Who. So rather than coming across the pond and instantly becoming a filthy rich power player in Hollywood, he'd rather run a show that got trimmed down to just four new episodes all of next year.


From the depths of this LAT blog, Devon Phillips taunts you with tales of freebies that you can't have because you didn't go: free bags! Wait, seriously? An empty bag? Couldn't these billion-dollar multi-national corporations afford to put something cool inside the bag? A DVD, or maybe some stickers? Who the hell just wants an empty bag?

The Guardian writes an all-fluff and no cookies story, mocking how "geeks invaded Hollywood" and how "studio execs will join" them at Comic Con. News flash: San Diego, not Hollywood, and the execs attending Comic Con aren't the studio bosses. Not by a long shot -- not for anything in the world.

What are your ten pressing questions for Comic Con? Yeah, I don't really have any either, but the guys from published theirs and the first two are actually pretty good, if not lacking in imagination. Will Watchmen suck because it so closely follows the comic? Will Kevin Smith's new flick get an NC-17 rating? (Answer: it already did, and no, there's zero chance it'll stay that way. The studio wants an 'R', and will cut it down until it gets one. Period.) Here's my question: when will they film all the panels and release a record setting sized DVD set of it?

Newsarama has a roundup of its own which is nowhere near as cool as mine are, but they do have a few things that I do not, like stuff about previewing the Heroes comic (as in based on the awesome show.)

Last time we checked, poor Whitney Pastorek was still stuck in traffic.

I have no idea what this site is or even what it's called, but they have a page listing the sites that have pages about Comic Con. Where's my link, guys?

Report: Whitney hangs out with Ian Pastorek while roasting marshmellows on the 405.

The LAT blog Hero Complex has videos of Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, RE: Max Payne (game->movie). I'm hearing good things about this, actually. The game was critical reviewed and unlike some people, I dig Marky Mark.

The New York Times writes about Jackman's surprise apperance, Keanue Reeves new Earth stopping flick, and Comic Con in general.

Comic Con 2008
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Actual event stories
A report from The Movie Blog at the end of Thursday's events. Included: lots of pictures and a video review of Tropic Thunder.

MTV's blog has three lame pictures from the cheezy Twilight booth where you can get your picture taken with "twilight" characters, e.g. cardboard standins (literally) rather than actual actors. More from MTV about Twilight fans with a video. Meanwhile, LAT has a fan Q&A with director Catherine Hardwicke, actor Robert Pattinson, and actress Kristen Stewart. has Thursday's Anime highlights, if that's your thing, though it really isn't anything more than yet another reprinted schedule which is pointless since it was for yesterday, but let's be honest here, if you need a schedule, chances are you aren't coming here to find it, because you're already there. Ungrateful bastards.

If you have a PSP and yearn for a GPS peripheral, then fear not weary traveler! Now you can see someone else play with them but not sell them to you at Comic Con. So wait, what does any of that have to do with Comics? Who knows, but here's a horribly ugly blue PSP! How can anyone take such a sexy black device like the PSP, and make it that ugly and not get fired? Oh well, here's some video of the Sony booth, also from

Keanu Reeves loves you, man. Too bad you weren't there for his The Day The Earth Stood Still panel, man. Lots of fans of the original are either rolling their eyes or are outright steamed that anyone would remake such a great film (it was pretty damn good) but I'm very much looking forward to this update. It's got freaking Keanu Reeves in it, man!

Hugh Jackman is now officially a hero. He showed up announced (though certainly planned) to shake hands in the panel crowd (that's automatically +50 hero) and to show off footage from the X-Men spinoff Wolverine. As many will tell you, studios like to keep things like this a secret just so they'll get stories like this one, as if they wouldn't have gotten any stories about Jackman showing up to pimp footage anyway.

Even more LAT jelly on the Torchwood panel, with what sound like hilarous singing antics from series star John Barrowman. I like Torchwood and wish it were an American series because it could be so much more than campy British scifi. Oh well, this guy is on my list, and better be on yours as well.

Report: The Dharma Initiative is recruiting at Comic Con.

With all the fans dressing up in costumes from decades-old movies and TV series, I thought Comic Con being full of Jokers was sarcasm. Who knew?

This is a series of posts aggregating Comic Con coverage from around the web. All posts can be found here.
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"I have no idea what this site is or even what it's called, but they have a page listing the sites that have pages about Comic Con. Where's my link, guys?"

SignOnSanDiego is the web site for the San Diego Union-Tribune Newspaper.

They used to have a fairly clever scifi blog, "The Disembodied Brain," but it's no longer viable.


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