Crazy big Comic Con roundup

by Paul William Tenny

Comic Con signOnce I fell behind on this stuff, I was doomed. Doomed I tell you, there's at least 100 years worth of links I have to post from Friday through Tuesday. Rather than weaving links into a narrative of boring booth announcements and panel schedules that none of us can actually see and waste money on, since there are so freaking many sitting in my inbox right now, I'm just going to let the title of each page do the work and list the links sorted by day.

I hope you don't enjoy it. I hope you suffer greatly, just as I will have as I put this post together. If you cry, I'll be happy. If you leave and never come back, I'll be impressed. If you leave, but come back toting an axe, I'll quote Monty Python and play an MP3 of John Ashcroft singing until you sacrifice your first born.

I will win, muahahahahaha!
Friday, July 18th
Free Internet at Comic Con
BuddyTV Comic-Con Schedule Revealed
FOX Home Entertainment Exclusive at Comic-Con!
Comic-Con teaser poster pops up online.
'Dr. Who,' 'Torchwood' and the BBC at Comic-Con
Stargate Worlds: Comic Con Plans
Revenge of the Comic-Con Schedule
CON PHOTOGS: Earn a pass into the sold out Comic Con
New 'Star Trek' Posters In EW And At Comic Con

Saturday, July 19th
'Star Trek' teaser posters beam into Comic-Con
Comic-Con: Many fans go for the TV and Movies
Action will be buzz word at Comic-Con
Comic-Con '08: How to Meet Bleach Manga-ka Tite Kubo
Let Comic-Con Know How We Roll....
Comic-Con Update: Tahmoh Penikett Joins Dollhouse Panel
Comic Con Schedule
San Diego Bound: CBLDF, Essex County and bringing bears for Stan Sakai
Comic-Con '08: Dark Horse Hosts Trigun, Vampire Hunter D Manga Artists
My Comic Con Schedule
Anyone at San Diego Comic Con?
Comic Con is a week away...
TwoMorrows at Comic-Con International Booth #1215
San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Schedule
JJ Abrams Star Trek Comic Con Poster
FOX Home Entertainment Comic Con Swag Poster Tube
Comic Con
Full Comic-Con Schedule Up
Countdown to Comic Con
Yoshitaka Amano and Yasuhiro Nightow Will Have Signings at Comic ...

Sunday, July 20th
New Harry Potter Busts & Comic-Con Exclusives at Entertainment Earth
Will Wright to show new Spore application at Comic-Con
Comic-Con Week!
No, I'm Not Going to Comic-Con
Comic Con 2008
EW Offers 25 Comic Con Sneak Peeks
SPWS's Meredith Scheff at Comic-Con San Diego
Revenge of the Comic-Con Schedule
Comic-Con Update: Meet Lisa Gleave at the Entertainment Earth Booth!
AstroBoy at Comic Con!
The colossus of Con
Seat 42F has a photo of Fox's Comic-Con poster tube featuring ...
Comic-Con '08 Countdown: Where Geeks are Rockstars
Free Internet at Comic Con
The Hero Initiative and The Comicbook Artists Guild Join Forces at ...
Costumes We Want To See At Comic-Con
10 Survival Tips for San Diego Comic-Con '08
Preview The Comic Con Goods
Costumes We Want To See At Comic-Con
Comic Con Preview from EW and a Snippet of Our Sked
RED FRAGGLE at Comic-Con!
"Greatest American Hero" Reborn at Comic-Con
Comic-Con reveals underground hits
iFanboy San Diego Comic Con! Meetup Info! Contest!
San Diego Comic Con Need I say more ....
Unshelved News: San Diego Comic Con
Comic-Con: It Is On!
Peanuts at Comic-Con

Monday, July 21st
Comic Enthusiasts Converge At Comic Con
Win VIP Seating during the Fox Panel at Comic Con AND Party Like a ...
San Diego Comic-Con: Who wants to help me host a panel?
San Diego Comic-Con 2008
Radical Comics Has Steve Niles at San Diego Comic Con
Comic-Con '08: Fanfare Ponent Mon Previews New Taniguchi Manga
Comic Con Comes to Town
San Diego Comic-Con: Who wants to help me host a panel?
Star Trek Comic Con Posters's Comic-Con 2008 Coverage Details and Live Blogging Schedule
We're Going to Comic-Con! Post Your Questions Here
Comic-Con 2008
Comic-Con 2008: Who's In?
G4 Invades ComicCon
LA Tries to Lure Comic-Con From San Diego
FANBOYS Screening at Comic Con!
Want To Party With Celebs (& Yours Truly) At Comic-Con?
'Fanboys' to Screen Comic-Con and Hit Theaters in September!
Comic-Con is coming -- and we'll be there
Hele On to Comic-Con
Comic Con 2008 Update
See what will be happening this year at the San Diego Comic-Con ...
See what will be happening this year at the San Diego Comic-Con on ...
See what will be happening this year at the San Diego Comic-Con on ...
See what will be happening this year at the San Diego Comic-Con on ...
Complete Comic-Con Schedule, Wed July 23 2008
ASIFA's Comic-Con Schedule Of Events
At Comic-Con, attendees can learn the business side of super heroes
Second Life Comic-Con
The Fanboys Saga Continues Next Week at Comic-Con
FEARnet Does Comic Con!
News: Comic Con info
San Diego Comic Con Schedule for You!
The Force is with Fanboys - Film to Screen at Comic-Con

Tuesday, July 22nd
Comic-Con outgrows its roots in geekdom
POLL: Comic-Con 2008
Comic-Con '08: Afro Samurai Manga-ka to Appear at Comic-Con
LucasArts Attends Comic-Con 2008
Comic-Con '08: Top 20 Must-Sees for Manga Fans
Marvel Comics Announces San Diego Comic Con Schedule
The Beguiling brings original art to Comic-Con
Heroes Villains premiere: updated Comic Con showing
Who From Comic-Con '08 Will Bust the Block?
C-3PO Flash Drive Takes Its Bow at Comic-Con
Comic Con 08!
Comic-Con: Flash Drives With Iron Man DVD Previews
Capcom announces Comic-Con 2008 activities
G4 to cover Comic-Con live
C-3PO Flash Drive Takes Its Bow at Comic-Con
Comic-Con show moves to Sunday; Jonathan Frakes on July 30 show ...
Comic-Con Fans Tune in to Meet the 'Wannabe' Press and the Warped ...
Naruto Clashing at Comic-Con
Comic-Con Fans Tune in to Meet the 'Wannabe' Press and the Warped ...
Hasbro Showcases Top Entertainment Properties at San Diego Comic-Con
Preview: 2008 San Diego Comic Con
Watchmen's Ozymandius is "bracing" for Comic Con
Freestyle 101 Comic-Con Special: Murs (Living Legends)
Hasbro Showcases Top Entertainment Properties at San Diego Comic-Con
Gears of War 2 at Comic-Con 2008
Champions Online Devs at Comic Con
'Gears of War 2' (X360) Recruiting At Comic-Con, Giving Away Lt ...
Win a set of Comic-Con exclusive Halo figures
Comic-Con 2008 - July 24th-27th
Comic-Con Coverage Begins Tomorrow
Stacy Keibler at Comic-Con
They're Baaaack! Madballs Series II Debuts at Comic-Con 2008
Ten things to watch for at 2008 Comic-Con
Five Ways Comic-Con Has the Power to Make or Break Reputations
MTV Hits Comic-Con With Big Exclusives From 'Terminator Salvation ...
How to Con: San Diego Comic Con Edition
'Fringe': The scavanger hunt begins at Comic-Con
News Bulletin: Comic-Con, Opinion Poll, and Jumbo Plushies
James Jean at Comic Con this Saturday!
Has Comic-Con become a beast?
New heroes rule the screen as Marvel sits out Comic-Con
During Comic-Con, Hollywood Relies on Avid Pop Culture Fans to ...

Guh, have fun trying to read all that crap. The only things that caught my eye was something about Iron Man and flash drives, and Heroes getting an early screening. What did you read that you found interesting? Comment below!

This is a series of posts aggregating Comic Con coverage from around the web. All posts can be found here.
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