Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

by Paul William Tenny

Comic Con signAnother day of Comic Con news with actual coverage beginning today -- not mine of course since I'm stuck at home -- featuring battling studio execs fighting over Dark Knight screeners, clothing companies with booths for no good reason other than to sell you crap that you don't want, cool game panels that may do more for business than E3 did, and Paris Hilton.

Yes, queen attention whore of the universe is going to Comic Con.

Beginning with Cinematical posting a new 2008 Comic Con gallery that will surely swell over the next few days as the convention kicks into high gear later this morning. They also have a picture of a huge damned poster for the Wolverine spinoff, and I guess even more pictures from the opening event. also has photos from the floor, as does Shocktillyoudrop. Don't forget the LA Times, I hear they may even be in color!

Here is yet another schedule of events, this one from Deadline Hollywood for Thursday (that's today if you're reading it on Thursday, for anyone reading this at 6am.) Also a set of schedules for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Also from DHD is an amusing story of pathetic studio execs stumbling over each other trying to get free screener prints of The Dark Knight so they don't have to watch in a theater or wait and pay for the DVD like the rest of us common folk.

THR has a story pointing out the embarassing apperances at Comic Con of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, two people who probably have no clue where they are or why they are there, but know that going there makes you cool, so they show up to soak up as much attention as humanly possible. Hence the definition: attention whores.

Last before I get to the huge pile of stories that Google kindly sends me, there's a reprint in Variety about Comic Con possibly moving away from San Diego because of overcrowding. Fine, good, whatever. How about bringing some of that Hollywood magic to the east coast guys?

Just a quick reminder, this news is the daily roundup for the 23rd, since all the news from today (the 24th) that I'm publishing on hasn't actually happened yet. On we go!

Here's a generic story from E! Online, probably wanna skip that one. How about a Word of Warcraft card game? Guys from Blizzard will be attend a panel tomorrow (Friday).

Geoff Boucher has a great story in the LA Times about how Comic Con has grown even just over the last year or so. Says Jon Favreu, "Last year, before we went to Comic-Con, nobody was talking about 'Iron Man,' but by the end of our presentation to those 6,500 fans [in the main hall] they were sending instant messages and writing blog posts, and we instantly had a buzz around the world." It's even becoming a cause of concern for the movie industry...that they won't all be able to get in!

A blog notes that the entire cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will have a panel to celebrate the shows 20th anniversery. Yes, you really are that old. Also from wired, a Torchwood and Dr Who panel and booth? Damnit...

Another brainless story from the wire services, insulting fans for coming in costumes and mocking Hollywood for reacting swiftly to modern times by getting with the program instead of trying to sue it to death. Only remove the part about suing and modern times and just leave the mocking. Like I said, brainless.

Some clothing company is launching an entire line of gear for teens at Comic Con. No, their stuff isn't comic inspired or licensed or anything -- it's just pure, blatant capitalism at its finest and a great example of why the event organizers need to be a little more picky about who they let in on the corporate side. This is rediculous.

New Playstation games debuted at E3 a few days ago are making their way to Comic Con as well, and since this isn't an event for suits and press, you might actually get to play some of them, you ungrateful bastard. More on PS3 games like SOCOM and Street Fighter being in force, at

An Xbox fan site has a press release from Microsoft detailing their plans for Gears of War 2, Too Human and Ninja Gaiden II. The latter two games will be playable (you ungrateful bastards) while GoW 2 will have a panel all to itself.

Speilberg film(s) may have a presence this year, but no Tintin says InformationWeek. (Am I the only person who doesn't know what the big deal is?)

The Associated Press has a story from yesterday, but they are still banned for abusing the copyright system in an information society -- a virtual war crime. Sorry, no link today. It sucked, anyway.

THR has a Comic Con preview with "The 10 most influential forces in the comic book movie universe". Perhaps the most relevant story I've seen yet that actual pays service to the conventions roots. A great read!

USA Today writes about how Comic Con treats "filmmakers as royalty", as if that's different than anywhere else in life. Their example? A director, naturally. The day a writer is treated as royalty, I'll eat this blog.

Gamespy has a daily breakdown of gaming-related panels, several of which I'm sure are more than worth your time to check out.

Yet another TV-panel schedule with times, places, and details.

Finally, Fox invited several journalists to make the trip to Comic Con on a train -- my invite got lost in the mail -- as a way to pimp City of Ember. No, I don't know what it's about either, but there are some pretty pictures of a bunch of boring journalists on a train at the other end of this link.

This is a series of posts aggregating Comic Con coverage from around the web. All posts can be found here.
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