Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

by Paul William Tenny

Comic Con signHere's your Comic Con news roundup for July 15th 2008. Even with a little over a week before the convention begins, I'm getting a couple of dozen alerts on new stories being written every day. Beginning last night, TV Week published a story noting how TV-laden the comic convention has become over the last several years, so much so that it really ought to be renamed the TVF-Con, for TV & Film Convention.

Click on through for more links to Comic Con news, features, and commentary including a Cinematical writer's list of most anticipated events and "to-do" stuff.
I really like Scott Weinberg's list over at Cinematical, although it does make me think that the convention would do well to be just a little bit more discerning when it comes to what panels make the final cut. There's absolutely no reason to have an entire panel dedicated to blogs that cover events like Comic Con, it's surprisingly redundant and egotistical. And I'm not sure what the people who bother to attend even have to ask any of us that they don't already know, or that isn't painfully obvious. The trade papers write a story, which we write about, and some of the better connected sites schedule interviews through the publicity departments of the various studios and networks, even scoring set visits from time to time.

Cinematical, which is owned by AOL/Time Warner, doesn't even have to try. I imagine they get everything they could possibly want or need while hardly needing to even ask. Not exactly entertaining or informative stuff here, just a bunch of people writing blogs all day, really. Lots of reading RSS feeds and email.

Although I might be equally as tempted to check out everything I could actually get into, and you can't blame someone attending for professional purposes indulging themselves a little bit, I think Scott could have made some better choices. Nobody should be going to the Starship Troops 3 panel. Direct-to-DVD sequels of Direct-to-DVD sequels shouldn't even have panels or booths at an event that has gotten this large and important to the television industry, nor should the people who write about that industry (yes I know Cinematical writes about films but it's the same deal either way) be wasting their time on something their readers won't want to read about.

But that's just me.

Link roundup:
The HD Room writes about a Hellboy II giveaway of a bust of the Abe Sapien character.
Blog Talk Radio has a Comic Con 2008 preview show up.
Two people from The Leaky Couldron will attend a Potter panel, possibly to discuss Hobbit stuff.
An actual comic-related podcast from last years Comic Con.
Lots of Star Wars, no Trek to be had, according to Wired.
TV Squad has a rundown of the television events. The Stargate Continuum panel is going to rock. Hard.
Corel will be showing off some now graphics illustration software.
Jonah Lalas at the HuffPost thinks Senator Obama should go to Comic Con and "reach out" to people. I think not so much.
Reality maven Thom Beers (Deadliest Catch) will have a graphic novel at Comic-Con 2008. writes about an actual comic panel.
Marvel and BET will preview a new 'toon this year (and also here.)
Another post about someone on The One Ring's Hobbit panel. is taking questions in their comments to be fielded at the following panels: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary, Eureka.
SLG News lists the panels they'll tweet.
Is Paramount bailing on Comic Con entirely? This site says no Trek, no Transformers, and no G. I. Joe. How about no more Paramount?
A panel dedicated to gaming in libraries. WTF?

This is a series of posts aggregating Comic Con coverage from around the web. All posts can be found here.
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