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by Paul William Tenny

While I'm busy working with my adopted writer (my questions which I wanted to send yesterday will instead be going out later tonight) I thought it'd be nice for the project to highlight some of the interviews that have already gone up on the collective site. Though I don't have a great deal of time at this very moment, in brief review, I see based on the post titles that there appear to be seven interviews up for your consumption.

Here are some excerpts from the most recent few. A lot of hard work and time by a number of people have been put into bringing you these interviews, so I'm sure they'd appreciate if you could check them out, and leave some comments with your thoughts.
Debra J. Fisher, Erica Messer
This interview was conducted by the Criminal Minds Writers blog.

While quantity isn't always better than quality, sometimes you get very lucky and find both as is in the case of the Criminal Minds' writing team of Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer. Criminal Minds' "Gruesome Twosome" as they are called by the cast, crew and fans of the show because they have written some of the darkest and eeriest episodes of series, have a long and successful track record of delivering quality writing for such shows as The O.C., Alias, and Charmed

There are some great questions with lengthy, informative answers from both writers. I can't wait to read this in its entirety myself.

Eric Estrin
Interview conducted by Pop Vultures.

Eric Estrin is a long-time member of the WGA, with television credits going back over twenty years. He has written for such diverse shows as Miami Vice, Murder, She Wrote and The Outer Limits and also served as writer/producer on V.I.P.

Lots of good answers and information from a writer that was around during the last big strike.

Sam Kass
Interview conducted by Glowybox.

Sam Kass isn't a household name, though some of his credits certainly are. In a career full of highs and lows, Sam made the incredible leap from driving a cab in New York City while working as a playwright to writing for what many have called the greatest television show of all time - Seinfeld. He's been a WGA member since 1994, but estimates that he only made enough money to support his wife and two children solely through writing for six or seven of those fourteen years.

I don't want to purloin the actual interview content, so head on over via these links and check out all the great content being produced there. I hope to add my own interview to this list in the next couple of days.
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