The Media Pundit most read posts from 2009

by Paul William Tenny

Last year was pretty bland for this blog, with far fewer posts and hardly any attention from me as my focus shifted to something else that sadly, I never was able to deal with. And yet traffic didn't fall off from 2008 at all, though it didn't grow either. I aim to do better this year.

Here are the most read posts on The Media Pundit of 2009.
1. Damn those disturbingly hot 15-year-olds (25,141 views)
The most read story on the site which was from the previous year was easily the most read of 2009. I wrote a little bit about this story in the most read posts of 2008.

2. Stargate Universe review (Part 1); "We're here. That happened." (11,840 views)
I'm really proud and really embarrassed about this. I love the Stargate franchise and would kill to write for it, so naturally I was thrilled in being able to get a screener of the new series for early review on this site. I loved what I saw and enjoyed writing several posts about the new show. This review -- split into two parts -- bounced around Twitter quite a bit. The URL was tweeted by the official SyFy Channel and MGM accounts, and by at least one producer of the series. It also ranked first or second on Google right around the time the series premiered, and people started searching for it. That's the part I'm proud of. The part that sucks is that I immediately went into hibernation and did nothing to capitalize on the new readers.

3. Stargate Universe is a promising show worth seeing (5,166 views)
Although the #2 most read story of 2009 was the first part of my review, I did immediately hop on the site after watching the pilot (I watched it earlier than would have been appropriate to write a review) to drop my first impression. This did very well on its own, even better than the second part of the actual review did.

4. Streaming and Download Links: Heroes, Chuck, Bionic Woman, The Office, Friday Night Lights (4,653 views)
A post from the fall of 2007 that was still hanging on almost two years later. Nothing much more than some links where people could go to watch a few of NBC's new shows (no longer new and some struggling badly) for free, and legally.

5. Stargate Universe review (Part 2); "This is not a game." (4,290 views)
Part two of my SGU review. It's kind of a bummer than less than half of the people who read part 1 went on to read part 2, but it needed to be done this way because of how the SGU premier worked. The first two episodes were aired back-to-back, and that's what was covered in part 1. But it was a cliffhanger of sorts, and the story wasn't resolved until what was technically the third episode (but the second thing that was aired). Part 2 covered that. Posting them both at once would have spoiled some stuff, so I did the right thing and split it up.

6. Movies, TV shows recently released on DVD (2,622 views)
I wrote about this post a big in the 2008 story as well, since it's kind of old at this point. Still gets views from Google though.

7. Rape ain't what it used to be (2,584 views)
I really stuck my foot in it on that day. I discovered through my writings about the Stargate franchise that a certain segment of the "fandom" (who really don't qualify as fans because of their criticism) who seemed awkwardly upset about the portrayal of rape in Stargate. I though they were being asinine, and said so. And they let me have it in the comments.

8. Scifi Channel renews Sanctuary (2,171 views)
I've always thought that the ratings for Sanctuary meant it was on the bubble. I was wrong, and the show got renewed (and has been again for 2010.) Congratulations to the cast, crew, and fans. I'm glad something that seems a little off the wall has a place to grow. I never thought otherwise.

9. Movies, TV shows recently released (1,728 views)
Another in the same series as post #6. Some of them did very well, but not enough to warrant keeping it going. Especially not now that Amazon has kicked out every affiliate in the entire state of North Carolina.

10. Photos from inside the Stargate Universe press kit (1,557 views)
I wrote a post right around the time I got the SGU press kit (cast info, character info, a DVD with the pilot, etc) complaining about how horrible some networks are in dealing with the press (FOX) and complimenting others on how awesome they are (CBS, SyFy). The SGU press kit consisted of a hard cover book with glossy photos in it of the cast and some of the crew, which was really quite beautiful. I posted two cheap and lazy pictures of it in that post and people said on a forum that they wanted more, so I obliged. I spent the better part of an hour+ scanning the entire book and creating a gallery just for it, then put it all online. This is that post. It truly was a Stargate year.

2009 was a slightly better year in traffic than 2008 (102,202 views for the former, versus 100,834 for the latter.) This year I think will be better.

If you missed them, here's the recap for 2008, 2007, and the most read posts of all time is coming Monday. It probably won't be worth reading, but maybe you could check it out anyway.

I'd appreciate it personally.
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