Comic Con 2008 daily roundup

by Paul William Tenny

Comic Con signThe Thursday edition of the Comic Con news roundup includes eBay auctions for Comic Con-related events with Marvel luminaries,an indy film about the convention along with a call for participants -- perhaps it would have been wise to look for people sooner than a week before the shindig begins -- and speculation that Comic Con may leave San Diego due to overcrowding issues in a few years.

Along with Penny Arcade showing up and the usual round of signing announcements, did you know that there's a Comic Con in Baltimore?

Yeah, me neither.
A LA Times blog called Hero Complex thinks that 'Watchmen' will be 'like an earthquake' at Comic-Con. Probably true since we're talking about a comic convention, so long as we keep in mind that anything comic related is going to play hugely there. In the outside world, I think Watchmen will probably be very disappointing and unappealing to the general public given its 'R' rating, long runtime, and comic-centric themes. Speaking of Watchmen, Alan Moore did a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly. When asked if he's curious how the film is coming, he said he'd " rather not know." wants us to know that artist John Howe will be at Comic Con for several Impact Books events, details in a press release by IB. Murphy Art Books has details on the who/what/where, while Penny Arcade reminds us they'll have a booth again this year. lets you know where you can pick up some Halo figures (figurines?) while someone named Simone will be available for signing at the tokidoki booth. Tip: more info would be helpful people..

Richard Keller has the schedule up for Sunday July 27th, listing all the television panels on the last day of Comic Con. Per usual they do not provide location information which you'll have to fish out of the Comic Con website.

I'm not familiar with "Hero Initiative", but they're auctioning privileged access on eBay to certain Comic Con events and related events such as a spot on the Marvel softball team, dinner with Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, a meeting with Stan Lee and more. Must be a Marvel thing, eh? Great idea guys!

Information Week writer Mitch Wagner writes about what he's going to do at Comic Con this year. "The Writers Room: Writing Prime Time Animated Comedy" sounds like a great choice, wish I could go.

A playable demo of a massively multilayer online game called DC Universe will be presented at the convention. Anyone know anything about this?

"Dogmatic Films is putting together a documentary about Comic-Con and is looking for young artists who plan to share their portfolio or comic with publishers in San Diego next week." (h/t newsarama)

Discover Magazine reports that Comic Con has officially sold out (what is that like 125,000 people?) and coughs up some details on their "The Science Behind Science Fiction" panel which I'd also kill to see. They need to release every single panel on DVD..

Wait a minute, there's a Comic Con in Baltimore?!

Finally for yesterday, there was an article in Variety that comes as a surprise to nobody: will Comic Can have to leave San Diego? *Recommended*

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