Working Writers on the Strike, In Their Own Words.

by Paul William Tenny

And to think, I used to get paid for this..
I've seen a lot of working writers blogging about the strike in the past few days, some of them over the past few weeks, and one that writes all about this kind of thing on a regular basis. I've been writing about it myself for the better part of a year on a multitude of websites, and even though my understanding of labor issues has been questioned by a person or two who probably just didn't know any better, I've had articles on webisodes linked to from the Writers Guild of America's front page and been quoted in a labor trade magazine in the subject.

My labor coverage has been generally praised by working writers, and I appreciate their complements. While I used to report on things right down the middle with no bias shown towards either side, things have changed significantly over the past two months and it has become impossible to not call out the studios and networks for their self destructive actions and dishonest bullying tactics.
Still, I am not an expert and have never claimed to know all there is to know about this stuff, and neither are any of these guys, even though many of them are definitely more "authoritative" than I am. So along with my own coverage of what's going on from afar, I think it'll be positive to point you towards some other material for your reading pleasure, texts from former WGA board members to a former Chairman of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

This will be a series (a first for this site) with each post focusing on the thoughts of a different working writer on the negotiations, the issues, and if they've continued to write about it, the strike as well. Much of what has been written is not terribly recent, but is still all relevant. I read these guys on a daily basis, have spoken with a couple of them in the past, and they are all intelligent people who can clearly explain what is going on, in their own words.

For housekeeping purposes and your own sanity, rather than cross-linking every post in this series to every other post, I'll simply link each post back *here*, and this post will serve as a growing index for the series where you can come to find any link to any post at any time.

I'll get the ball rolling on Monday, though I haven't decided whom to feature first. I hope you enjoy this series and if you'd like to contribute your own thoughts of consideration to be published here, feel free to contact me and I'll...well, consider it.
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