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Matt Damon won't do Bourne game, says too violent

Matt Damon backed out of a the Bourne Conspiracy game due to -- get this -- too much violence. Matt Damon's mom approves of this message.
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In Brief

24 webisodes work well; WGA strike has lasting impact, Bear Grylls is a wimp, Still on Tropic Thunder, more of my reading list..
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Jack Thompson harasses Take2 exec's mom

Jack Thompson personally harasses a Take2 exec's mother.

Wil Wheaton on moralist game rage

Wil Wheaton and Keith Boesky share their thoughts on GTA IV and violent video games and the obsessively violent reactions then engender.

Hans Reiser found guilty

Linux file system programmer Rans Resier found guilty of murdering a woman that hasn't even been shown to be dead.

New House, Bones tonight

New House and Bones on tonight, April 28th.
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Scifi Channel creates SGA-themed Tuesday block

The Scifi Channel will begin airing a 3-hour block of Stargate Atlantis reruns on Tuesday nights, beginning April 29th.

Damn those disturbingly hot 15-year-olds

Scandal or sick celebrity obsession by the media? Miley Cyrus photo in Vanity Fair stirs moral outrage; world doesn't end.

Media Pundit gets a face lift

The Media Pundit gets a face life.

Weekend bits

Heroes return date; David Mamet does a dark drama; GTA IV got pirated nearly a week early; more...
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Not so fast

For what it's worth, DVRs still beat streaming online hands down.

Barry Sonnenfeld: "The Internet will destroy democracy"

Barry Sonnenfeld thinks the Internet will destroy privacy and democracy, and that to save us from the Bush administration, we must put down our computers. Right now. Seriously.

Terminator spin-off lives into the fall

The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets a second season, but does it deserve it? Not really.

In Brief

Viacom starts own pay-cable channel; NBC blurs the line between entertainment and paid programming; Lohan falls off the wagon, more..
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Somebody forgot to bring the funny

A parody letter of the WGA strike and the fi-core "outing" is making the rounds.

Great things coming out of Six Apart

Six Apart buys an ad network and releases a fantastic Facebook application. How few years will WordPress have left at this rate?

Amazon solved YouTube's problem 2 years ago

Google's "YouTube problem" has a solution, one that Amazon invented over two years ago that has been sitting mostly idle ever since.

WGA outs fi-core writers

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has published a list of writers that went fi-core during the 2007-2008 writers strike.

Oprah made 10x more than Alex Rodriguez did last year

A list you deplore but can't stop looking at: the richest celebs in 2007.

GTA IV spawns more hype over games vs. movies

Just like last year, the next big game release has spurred the media to declare that games are finally as big -- if not bigger -- than movies are. Bulls**t.

In Brief

AFTRA and SAG fight; Ron Moore gets a new series on FOX; Speilberg wants to do 'Ghost in the Shell'; more...

Report: most piracy within 12-18 hours

Report says most piracy peaks within 12-18 hours after TV broadcast.

Current challenges to HD movie downloads: ..what HD?

Most writers struggle to understand that what Apple and other streaming vendors call "high definition" video is anything but.
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Money, baby.

Most successful shows go off the air because their costs inevitably exceed revenue.

"Fair market value" bill advances in CA Senate

Bill that would force studios to sell programming at "fair market value" to networks owned by the same parent advances in CA Senate.

Culture has nothing to do with it

Addressing misconceptions about how and why veteran TV shows fail -- put simply they don't.

We get signal

Stargate Continuum is available for pre-order on Amazon; Lost season finale upgraded to two-hours; Jericho may not be dead yet.
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Uwe Boll thinks Michael Bay is a retard

Uwe Boll says will stop making movies if a petition reaches 1,000,000 signatures -- calls Michael Bay a retard.

Jeff Zucker says a SAG strike will end Hollywood

Jeff Zucker is telling advertisers that Hollywood will end if SAG strikes, nuking television while films will magically survive unscathed.
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SAG strike won't kill our Heroes

SyFy Portal starts a rumor that a SAG strike could kill off Heroes. The article itself has very little in the way of evidence to back up its imaginative claims.

Clooney goes fi-scab

George Clooney has gone fi-core in protest of losing credit arbitration over rewriting the screenplay for Leatherheads. The man is now officially a pathetic scab.

FCC and Justice Department declare war on Fox

The FCC and Department of Justice have declared war on Fox over indecency on television. How far will these persecutions go?
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Stephen King has the right idea

Stephen King reflects on video game censorship laws in his home state, and I throw in my two cents.

Hulu is not the future of television

Slate's Michael Agge asks if Hulu and streaming video will replace TV, but most people don't understand what that really means. Plus a free Battlestar Galactica video, cause I'm just that awesome.

There's too much frakking going on

Battlestar Galactica's big problem: too much frakking going on.

What the frak are you watching tonight?

Battlestar Galactica returns for its final season today; links to sites talking about the BSGs legacy and a handful of interviews with cast and crew.

NBC sets 2008 year-around schedule

NBC is the first to try a year-around development schedule; announces which shows will go where for all of 2008.

Fanboys will be fanboys

Fanboys -- a comedy by The Weinstein Company -- has pissed off real life fanboys who have urged a boycott of the film.

SAG and AFTRA get a divorce

SAG and AFTRA get a divorce, while SAG sets a date for talks with the studios. Will they strike, or make a deal?
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Reflecting on Battlestar Galactica's journey

One of the better shows on television (when it's actually on) is coming to an end this year. The fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica will premier this Friday at 10PM, at least temporarily taking up the regular time slot of Stargate Atlantis. It'll repeat again at midnight and you can even catch the premier early on the Scifi channel website from noon until 1pm that day.All that's good and stuff, but does anyone actually remember where BSG left off? It's been a while since the last episode aired and that's one of my chief complaints -- not with the show itself, but how the cable network has handled its production and broadcast schedule. I can't remember the last...

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