In Brief

by Paul William Tenny

inbrief-2008.jpgI can't think of a single thing to write about today, so I'm just going to share some links for things I've been reading, or stuff I've been meaning to read this week.

AFTRA rejects SAG offer for joint talks (Wire/AP)

Spielberg Helped Convince Abrams To Take On 'Star Trek XI' (SyFy Portal)

'Virtuality' (Ron Moore) takes off at Fox (Hollywood Reporter)

Huge Paydays for Top Celebs: Who's Worth It? (Matt Web)

TV: NBC Plans Original Webisodes for Heroes, Chuck, and The Office (Movieweb)

YouTube Up 32% Year-over-Year (NewTeeVee)

Secret of the iPlayer's Success: No DRM

Caprica Very Different From Battlestar (Scifi Wire)

Frak 'em if they Don't Get It (Slice of Scifi)

Spielberg loves GHOST IN THE SHELL... so much so he wants Dreamworks
... (AICN)

The worst director ever? (E-Weekly)
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