Hans Reiser found guilty

by Paul William Tenny

If you aren't a geek then you probably don't know who this is. Hans Reiser is a software and file system developer that was charged with the murder of his wife some time ago. You can get the gist of who he is and what he's done by following that link to his Wiki page, but skipping to the important part: a jury just found him guilty. You may not care and actually neither do I on any emotional level, other than to say that I think his conviction is a travesty and representative of the primary flaw in any legal system, which is leaving ultimate judgment up to human beings.

I'm saying this because Resier's wife -- Nina Reiser -- is currently missing. That's right, nobody knows where she is and yet somehow a jury has decided unanimously that not only is she dead, but that her husband killed her. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but that's not the burden of proof in the United States justice system. Last time I checked, the burden in criminal cases is "beyond a shadow of a doubt", and I would ask these retards how you can prove a murder beyond a shadow of a doubt when you can't even prove the supposed victim is dead in the first place. Reiser's wife could show up any day for all any of them knows and sadly this happens with disturbing regularity. We may have a very high opinion of our justice system in this country, but it has its flaws, and pretty damn severe ones at that when someone can be found guilty of murder (and perhaps even executed) without proof anyone died to begin with.

Either way, it's a sad, sad story. These people had kids that now have no parents at all, and for that I actually blame the injustice system for locking away their father for life with no actual proof than he did anything wrong. I apologize for ranting on off-topic subjects, but if cases like this aren't a miscarriage of justice, then I don't know what is.
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