WGA outs fi-core writers

by Paul William Tenny

The Writers Guild has outed every scab that went fi-core during the strike this past year. It may be petty, but it's also a small price to pay. These people now pay fewer dues and can work during any future strike. They can't regain regular membership, can't attend official meetings, can't vote, and can't run for a leadership position. All of these things are meaningless to 99% of the membership and doesn't really count as a cost at all, yet these people will still benefit from any strike-gotten gains which I find pretty disgusting. It has to be this way because membership is compelled, but it still sucks that scabs have to be tolerated and can't be thrown out altogether.
They at the very least deserve to be known for screwing their brethren at a time when they were needed most. It's also not illegal, contrary to this persons opinion:

What a refreshing change of pace -- a union blacklisting its own members. And in a way that guarantees the WGA will get sued... so that our union dues will pay for legal defense.
First of all you've got to state a claim upon which the court can order some relief. At this point, nobody on this list has been harmed and therefore there's nothing a court can do for them. Their membership within the guild is not private information, nor is their going fi-core, so any claims to privacy are irrelevant. The union cannot take any further actions against these people and they are still entitled to the negotiated minimums, residuals, health care, and all the other stuff they don't deserve but get anyway.

It's really just an absurd idea that the WGA could get sued for this, but to say that it guarantees that they will? Internet lawyers...sheesh.

Since I haven't caught up at all today, I'll be posting a few more items later tonight/early tomorrow morning. DHD has a pile of SAG/AMPTP articles that I'll link to although from what I gather, there's nothing going on right now. I guess that while actors may be more sexy on screen than writers, when it comes to labor fights, nobody has a greater dramatic flare than geeks with laptops.
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