Somebody forgot to bring the funny

by Paul William Tenny

Via Deadline Hollywood, there's a parody of the WGA/fi-core letter making the rounds. Whats striking about it is how horrible it is, not so much that somebody decided to parody a press release -- and by the way how pathetic and bored do you have to be to parody a press release -- but that whoever wrote this thing obviously doesn't do comedy for a living. I mean it, it's simply awful. You know that feeling you get when you open and then read a bill? Yeah, you sick bastard. You know you want to do it.
As we speak, we're all currently reaping the rewards of new media while enjoying no significant gains anywhere else. Nevertheless, presenting your WGA card at Best Buy will get us a 3% discount on Blu-Ray players.

If you want to see what it looks like when people with real talent do parody, watch this episode of South Park. They skewered the WGA and I loved every minute of it, and so will you, because the entire point is to reveal absurdity through humor. This thing on the other hand should be printed in books and taught in school to kids; show them what happens when bitter, old white men think that keyboard+grudge=funny.

There were a lot of people that were hurt by this strike whose careers and lives probably won't ever like they were before. Some shows were killed off because of it. There wasn't any single instance of that was funny, at least not in the way this retard thinks it was.
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