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by Paul William Tenny

After months of gradually worsening service from WildBlue, a service visit this afternoon that had our dish adjusted seems to have things working better now than at any time since we had the hardware installed. Most of the posts over the past two weeks were pounded out over a Diamond Multimedia SupraExpress 56e PRO -- that's an analog modem for us old timers -- but hopefully that's all in the past. Most of today was spent waiting for a phone call to confirm the work order so there hasn't been much time, or frankly any interest in scraping news and thinking about writing for this blog. Not much point in writing things that can't be researched or published, you know?

That's all settled now so I'll get right back to work on Saturday. I'll be addressing this essay which I think has taken entirely the wrong approach to understanding why popular shows start to suck after a few years while others soldier on for what seems like decades. It's also notable that a bill is moving through the system in California that would force the big conglomerates like GE to sell programming they own to TV channels they also own at "fair market value". That's a big deal to creative artists as it can mean the difference between receiving checks for ten cents, or actually making a real living from your work.

Other things worth reading: Stargate Continuum is available for pre-order on Amazon; Lost season finale upgraded to two-hours; Jericho may not be dead yet.

Have a good weekend.
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