Media Pundit gets a face lift

by Paul William Tenny

As you can plainly see this site looks different than the last time you were here. I adopted the "red minimalist" theme that comes stock with Movable Type and extended it for my own purposes until I was happy with the result. Truth be told though, I wasn't happy so much as I was at least not embarrassed of the new site after leaving the always-constrained Blogspot. I know some people did like the old design, but it wasn't clean enough for me and represented my own skills in visual design, which are, to say the least, not all that impressive.
This is better in my opinion though not really where I wanted to land. I am very happy to say that with the exception of the subscription bar at the top of the page, the entire redesign took place in my style sheet without hardly any HTML changes. The real power in using DIV's instead of tables and leaning heavily on style sheets is that once you're ready for something different, most of those changes come in a single file.

I do realize that the subscription bar at the top isn't centered anymore (on every page but this one and the indexes), but that's the one side effect of the HTML change I made not having actually been made yet, even though the CSS styling for it has already been done. I will need to republish the entire website, unfortunately, for that last bit of work (over 600 files) and so I'm saving that for Sunday. I also realize that the old theme gave you a sense of what this blog is about, TV and film news, commentary, and criticism while this one does not. I really liked the picture of Bryan Singer and had an even cooler set of old cameras, typewriters, and film sets on the old Blogspot site, but never found a good way to integrate them.

Although a cityscape clearly has nothing to do with what I write about, it looks pretty damn good, doesn't it? Maybe I should let my writing and the "about" page speak for themselves while also making the site aesthetically pleasing without bending over backwards to shove a theme down your throat.

It's just better that way.
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