Jack Thompson harasses Take2 exec's mom

by Paul William Tenny

take-two.pngI forgot about this, otherwise I would have worked it into my post earlier today about GTA IV. Jack Thompson is well known to games as an out-of-control morally conservative and all around lawsuit trolling lawyer that has waged a crusade against Take-Two interactive over games created by Rockstar, the studio responsible for the Grand Theft Auto series and Bully, along with titles from Ripcord Games.

Thompson's record of crazy is well documented in his Wiki bio that for the most part is about as accurate as you can get. He goes further than most in speculating -- without empirical evidence of any kind -- that video games featuring sex and violence are harmful to kids. Amusingly the video game industry generally agrees, which is why titles like GTA IV are rated 'M' for mature, meaning nobody under 17 is allowed to buy the game in stores.
Thompson is of the kind that thinks if something is disagreeable, then avoiding it isn't enough. Restricting it isn't enough. Bad things must go away. Far, far away. In other words this guy has tried to sue these games and their creators right out of business and failed miserably because, as odd as it sounds at first, courts all over the country have found that video games are an expression of speech and therefore protected by the first amendment.

The Florida Bar has sanctioned Jack Thompson for filing frivolous claims against many parties (including the Florida Bar) and is basically banned from filing more suits against Take-Two without the prior permission of a court. That sounds draconian, unfair, and downright barbaric, but that serves to underscore just how serious his abuse of the legal system has been and how fed up the court is. Now, this is all known as I said to anyone that is into video games and VG blogs and news services so what is happening now with the release of GTA IV should come as no surprise: Thompson is now equating Take-Two executives -- real suits who probably couldn't make a game if their life depended on it -- with Hitler, and has resorted to personally harassing their parents now.

Your son, as you may know (or maybe you don't know), is Chairman of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., whose most popular video games are the Grand Theft Auto murder simulator games banned in some countries but sold to children here.

Thompson considers 17-year-olds to be children, which is the minimum age you can purchase GTA IV at. That kind of slimey warping of the truth and redefinition of terms to suit your purposes is the hallmark of conservative moralism, btw. But we won't dwell on that nor will I print the entire obscene letter. Instead, I'll just skip the good part where I can invoke Godwin's Law:

Your son, this very moment, is doing everything he possibly can to sell as many copies of GTA IV to teen boys in the United States, a country in which your son claims you raised him to be "a Boy Scout." More like the Hitler Youth, I would say. Happy Mother's day, Mrs. Zelnick, which this year is May 11, two weeks after your son unleashes porn and violence upon other mothers' boys. I'm sure you're very proud.

Consider this case closed; Jack Thompson is a piece of garbage that ought to be disbarred and forbidden from contacting any employee or member of their extended families in any way forever.
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