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by Paul William Tenny

peter-blue-ligthening.jpgI'm out of the house today so there won't be much happening here until this evening. There are a few notable things going on, but the news really lightens up over the weekend anyway so it's not going to be anything ground breaking. BuddyTV has a teaser for the third season of Heroes up, pretty much affirming things people have speculated about or already known from other sources.

They'll resume the story where the second season was shortened rather than jumping forward a number of months, as they did between "Genesis" and "Generations." Volume 3 will be called 'Villians', will feature new characters, and..well, that's pretty much it. Heroes returns to production just a couple of days from now, on May 1st. The third season will premier this fall on September 15th.
I noticed a couple of days ago that some sites were brazenly promising to provide torrents for GTA IV a day before its official release. Sadly that estimate turned out to be a little too pessimistic -- torrents for a full rip of the game have already spring up a couple of days ago, well ahead of the planned April 28th release. It makes you wonder if Take-Two/Rockstar's copy-protection systems are that bad or if maybe somebody from inside the company leaked it without protection. Regardless, it probably won't hurt Take-Two at all given how big this game is expected to be, and still that's no excuse for stealing something that doesn't belong to you. If you pirated the game, you're a piece of shit, plain and simple.

FYI, DHD has one of the best things I've seen written about game and movie violence in recent times. I'm not a big believer in "experts" either on games or movies or entertainment media in general unless there's a degree out there for it, and a professional course you can take to make sure you actually do know what you're talking about. That said, if there is such a thing, this guy is a pretty good bet.

Tina Fey took the top spot, Harold and Kumar did respectable business.

While writing this post, I saw a trailer for David Mamet's new flick, a drama called Redbelt. I don't know if that trailer is the one I just saw (again, not home) but regardless, this film looks pretty damn good considering the material. This is not your run-of-the-mill Mamet flick guys.

I'll find more interesting things later this evening, but a couple of quick notes here: Lost is down from its mid-season finale, and American Idol -- while still bringing in disgustingly large audiences -- is still losing audience year-to-year. Does this crop of "Idols" stink, or has Fox's cash cow finally lost its luster?
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