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Fringe follows House, Dollhouse after 24

Fox schedules Fringe to follow House this fall, and Dollhouse to follow 24 next January.
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Garbage? On Fox? The hell you say

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is adding some garbage to the mix later this fall, and that's supposed to be some sort of compliment.

This is why we can't have nice things

Old people who never grew up + old band reunion concerts = 1.5 metric tons of suck.

Dollhouse pre-fans have some spirit

Fan websites, forums, and letter writing campaigns are not what a network is looking for when a show hits the bubble.

On gifting away the posessory credit

Any director that wants the posessory credit can get it just by asking, but who needs to ask when the media and bloggers just give it away automatically?
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New TV shows and movies released on DVD

Rambo, Darfur Now, Lipstick Jungle, He-Man, Rawhide, Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Invaders; other new movies TV shows recently released on DVD.

A Post By...

There are a number of things I'd love to write about later today now that everyone is back home and recovering from the long weekend. It seems that Twitter's well earned reputation for failure is being looked after with the shutdown of the instant message gateway on Friday that was supposed to be back up on Saturday, but here we are heading into Tuesday and it's still dead. It's too bad they've established themselves so well (like a TiVo or  Windows) that it's really not possible for a competitor to come in and challenge them immediately, because lord knows they could desperately use some competition.This may be petty and to a lot of people completely irrelevant and boring, but it's...

On odd and sucky TV promos

Networks are responsible for making promos for new TV episodes, and they almost always suck. Why aren't the show's producers tasked with this instead?

New TV shows and movies released on DVD

National Treasure 2, 24 Season 1 - Special edition, Bill Engvall, A Haunting, Jeff Corwin, Young Maverick; more recently released on DVD.

Stingy Hulu release sched may increase piracy

Hulu has instituted an eight-day waiting period for the most recent episode of certain shows, such as House, and Battlestar Galactica.
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Narnia sequel not so spectacular

Narnia sequel falls well below expectations after another studio breaks the bank just because they can.

Journalism may be a relic in history

In liberated Afghanistan, a journalist who "insulted Islam" has been sentenced to death. Unless you looked for it, you'd never even know how bad the world really is.

Movies, TV shows recently released

Recently released movies, recently released TV shows -- Stargate Infinity, The Incredible Hulk, Two and a Half Men, Untraceable, The Great Debaters, Drawn Together; more..

Bones could learn a lot from House

Bones used the last minute of its finale as the "twist", while House spent its entire episode (of two parts) to do the job. There simply is no comparing the two.

NBC says 4th place is the new 1st

Jeff Zucker says ratings don't matter; Ben Silverman books new reality show with polar bears and flaming swords!
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Jimmy Caan and Peter Jackson are awesome

Lindsay Lohan has nothing on Jimmy Caan for being an awesome failure at life.

'Pirate's' Verbinski to helm Bioshock for Universal

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski will adapt 2k Games 'Bioshock' into a feature film for Universal.

Nobody wants to see Speed Racer

Early returns for Speed Racer look grim; this is a project that should have never been done in the first place.

Congress wants ID to buy M-rated games

Ars reports that a bill has been introduced in the House to require ID in order to buy M-rated video games -- right after an FTC report says it's getting harder for minors to buy M-rated games.

GTA IV does $500 million first-week

GTA IV does $500 million in sales during the first week, for a $100 million game production, plus at least $50 million marketing -- turns out it takes money to make money.

Top 5 posts for April 2008

Game violence, the future of television and streaming video, and the return of Battlestar Galactica.

Abrams gives bad vibes towards Trek sequel

Abrams doesn't strike me as a person that understands this. Quite the opposite, J. J. Abrams was the safe bet that they knew wouldn't try to take Trek out of the box in that way, and his choice was in service of that philosophy and practically guarantees this won't be what people really want to see.
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Blu-ray fails at life

With the death of HD-DVD, Blu-ray sales remain flat after a 1st quarter collapse.

Iron Man cashes in $201+ million globally

Fears that the release of GTA IV could threaten Marvel/Paramount's Iron Man were for naught; flick opened over $200 million globally for one of the largest releases ever.

Iron Man wins early praise

Marvel's self-financed Iron Man looks to take off huge this weekend, perhaps their second-best performing movie ever.

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