Top 5 posts for April 2008

by Paul William Tenny

Here's a list of the Top 5 most read posts for April of 2008. Other pages got more views than this, but they weren't published in April so I've left them off the list to keep these things filled with fresh content. Feel free to comment on anything you see here and get a discussion going, or to link up. I'd appreciate it.

Reflecting on Battlestar Galactica's journey
Written before the final season premier of Battlestar Galactica. While I'm happy the show is back, I've fallen behind the most recent four episodes and I'm not feeling any rush or anticipation to get back into it. That's not good for them, so what's missing from the recipe?
Jeff Zucker says a SAG strike will end Hollywood
People seem incapable or unwilling to question the motives and history behind what public figures say. Zucker has an interest in people believing what he says because it serves his goals for people to believe these things, regardless as to whether or not they are actually true. To say that a SAG strike will end Hollywood serves his interests as it generates fears that something SAG is doing is bad, putting pressure on them to cave to his companies demands.

Wil Wheaton on moralist game rage
The release of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV has bought the game violence discussion back to the foreground. Wil, and a few other people have some interesting things to say about how ridiculous and unfounded the criticisms are.

Hulu is not the future of television
It's nice to think that the Internet can solve all our problems, but the physical design of the network simply isn't capable of replacing broadcast television as we know it. Not now, not anytime in the near future.

Stephen King has the right idea
King writes about legislation in his state designed to keep violent video games out of the hands of children. Problem is they tend to keep them out of the hands of adults, too.
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