New TV shows and movies released on DVD

by Paul William Tenny

Yo ho ho and a barrel of DVDs, bitches! Although I dare say with so much stink being released these days that I'd rather have a barrel of rum instead. I mean really, Rawhide? The Jackie Gleason Show? There have to be "challenged" shows out there that only made it one or two seasons that aren't getting the nod that certainly have better potential than this old stuff, and no offense to people who want these shows, I'm really happy for ya, but this stuff is older than I am for crying out loud. And, you know, the grass isn't looking any greener over on the movie side unless you want to see Random 54: Retirement Home Wars.

No actually I'd actually like to see the new one just because guys love watching the human race be slaughtered. Doesn't matter of its other humans doing it, or aliens, or animals, or really bad weather. We all suck and we all know it, so it's amusing to watch us all get wiped out as we so very much deserve.

And really it's either that, or watch "Darfur Now" and then blow my brains out.

Lipstick Jungle was one of those shows that didn't really appeal to me for one reason or another, but something I'd probably give a shot on DVD if I had four trillion dollars and every single other thing on the planet I'd ever wanted first. Yeah, kind of low on the list there, but haven't you heard? According to Jeff Zucker, last place is the new first, so really Lipstick Jungle wins and everyone else on TV can just suck it down.

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