Garbage? On Fox? The hell you say

by Paul William Tenny

sarah-connor-chronicles.jpgSince I ran across a hilariously ill-conceived headline from E! this morning, I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you. "Terminator Loads Up on Some Garbage" it reads, leaving readers unsure if E! is trying to tell us something about the quality of Fox's darling that ought to be smothered with a pillow, or if it's another poor attempt at turning story headlines into attention-grabbing, confusing haiku.
The first season of SCC felt very confused, like Josh Friedman and company really didn't know what to do once they got the go ahead to series. So far it has played out as a massively boring retelling of Terminator 2, with all the cool drained out, leaving us with some nasty dried out diaper of sorts. Harsh? Perhaps a bit too much, the first season did show me a little something with the final two episodes, but everything that came before was a complete waste of time.

Casting changes aren't where I'd have started retooling, but since that's what Fox has decided to do, I might as well share the news with you that rather than seeking out experienced and proven talent to fill in some gaps here, we're going to have to put up with a rookie singer this fall, of all people. Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of when First Wave added a porn star to the cast?

Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson will join the FOX drama in its second season and not just in a small role. Manson will be a cast regular, playing Catherine Weaver, CEO of a high-tech company.

On days like this I really wonder if the cliched exec throwing darts at a wall actually has some bit of truth to it. This show has writing big problems, and some acting problems but nothing terminal and nothing that can't be attributed in one way or another to a kind of very safe, very traditional writing that might be better suited for marketing or something.

In fact, it's that lack of inspiration that I see reflected in this choice of cast additions. Manson is one thing, but I've also heard that Thomas Dekker's character is getting girlfriend for the upcoming fall season, which makes little sense for a group of people who are constantly on the run from killer cyborgs.

What the hell are they doing over there?
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