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by Paul William Tenny

There are a number of things I'd love to write about later today now that everyone is back home and recovering from the long weekend. It seems that Twitter's well earned reputation for failure is being looked after with the shutdown of the instant message gateway on Friday that was supposed to be back up on Saturday, but here we are heading into Tuesday and it's still dead. It's too bad they've established themselves so well (like a TiVo or  Windows) that it's really not possible for a competitor to come in and challenge them immediately, because lord knows they could desperately use some competition.

This may be petty and to a lot of people completely irrelevant and boring, but it's bad enough that egotistical directors have the possessory credit ("A Film By..") but there's nothing I can do about that, other than be thankful I don't look that lame, but to see that trend gifted upon directors as as a matter of course by fellow bloggers really pisses me off. I'll get to that today, because it needs to stop. There are other things going on with blogging, something about Collider being unhappy with Variety poaching (their?) news without credit in what amounts to another sign that our traditional media is dying an ugly, noisy and pathetic death.

I found some interviews with the cast of NBC's Heroes regarding the new third season but haven't read them yet, so look out for those, along with my thoughts on two new remakes coming out of MGM -- one ok, one not so much.

It may not be until this evening, but I'll catch up with you on a lot of this stuff over the next two days.
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