Jimmy Caan and Peter Jackson are awesome

by Paul William Tenny

Nikke Finke is gleefully covering the mess that is Nailed where budget turmoil has the production shut down by SAG. That's not really interesting in any way, so instead I'll just point out the serious funny that I guess was supposed to be a sign of a troubled production with juicy in-fighting that gossip blogs like Deadline Hollywood feed off of. Put simply, "Jimmy Caan quit two weeks ago after he and the helmer couldn't agree on the best way for the actor to choke to death on a cookie."

Of all the things to leave a production over, of all the adolescent, self-centered people to work in that business, I've got to hand it to Caan for topping them all. It's pretty certain that Thomas Drekker who is now on the awful Terminator spinoff had quit Heroes because he or his manager didn't want Drekker to play a gay character. And Lindsay Lohan apparently just got booted off The Manson Girls because nobody wants to work with an alcoholic drug addict that shows up late and is a general pain in the ass to work with -- except Jane Fonda I guess. Neither of them approach the level of awesome that is backing out on your contract because you can't agree with a director over how best to die choking to death on a cookie.

Congratulations sir, you're a true American hero.

In another situation, the kind that makes you quietly wonder how people like this haven't been accidentally run over by a bus yet, it seems as if Peter Jackson's latest flick has also halted production over one of the most retarded disagreements imaginable, though not quite in the same league as choking to death on a cookie.

Production of the Lovely Bones seems to have grinded to a halt as Peter Jackson sent everyone home until he can sort out what heaven looks like. No, he isn't hallucinating. He is in a heated dispute with an art director about how Heaven should look in the movie.

Seriously? How is it so hard to break into Hollywood with this brand of crazy all over the place? And can somebody please make a movie about this stuff, because this is actually funny compared to the pseudo-funny actual movies these days.
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