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by Paul William Tenny

Is it the 20th already? Weird, it seems like it's still the 16th when I unloaded the previous list of recently released TV shows and movies. Perhaps it still is the 16th and one of us is actually having one of those "bad days" where you went to take a crap on Monday, and finally finished up your deposit early Wednesday morning. Or maybe it was one of those "bad days" when you had one of those "no see 'em" craps (also known as a 'perfect game') where you wiped, and the toilet paper was still clean, but there wasn't anybody around for you to taunt or celebrate in front of. I really hate that.
So it seems like the sequel to National Treasure was just in the theaters a few weeks ago, but I guess it's been a while. Even stranger for me, it seems like I was just reading about it being in production the other day, don't remember seeing very many trailers, or hearing much about how it did at the box office. Oh well, it came out today and is yours for the taking if you're brave enough to fight me for it. To the death. Using only giant rolls of toilet paper. Coming soon to a Fox affiliate near you..


Couple things about this list. First, I loved the first season of 24 and still think it's tied with the second season for best of the series, but did the world really need a special edition? I'm thinking Fox is reaching a little far now, trying to squeeze money out of people for maybe an hour or two of extra material that should have come with the first DVD set in the first place.

And if you haven't even seen "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel/History/whatever it airs on, do yourself a favor and check it out if you like scary stuff. This show gives me the creeps in the middle of the afternoon, and the commercials are actually a welcome break allowing me to check under the chair and in the closet to make sure everything is copasetic. If you really like creepy/scary stuff, buy the DVD set and watch it at night. Alone.

Or, you know, anything else on this list if you see something you like. Even if the people who wrote this stuff are only getting 5 cents per episode while the studio gets $15.00+. That's 5 more cents than they had before, and if that payment schedule is any indication, they could really use it.

"Recently Released" is part of a continuing series of posts featuring movies and TV series recently released on DVD, every Tuesday of the month.
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