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Conservative film makers just don't get it

David Zucker is moving on from fictional comedy to political garbage complete with gun-toting judges murdering civil liberty-defending lawyers.

Indefensible provision dropped from bad copyright bill

The U.S. Senate passed a new copyright bill that further unbalances property rights in favor of billion dollar corporations, but had an unconscionable provision stripped at the last minute request of the Department of Justice.

Review: Lipstick Jungle

Review of the Lipstick Jungle 2008 fall premier.

Preview: Criminal Minds

Previewing the fourth season premier of Criminal Minds.

Reality and CSI crush the competition (2008/09/22)

The Monday ratings are in for 2008/09/22. Good news: Heroes is still killing in the demo, and reality is still the big draw. Bad news: Terminator isn't rebounding and reality hasn't gone away yet.
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Review: Worst Week; it's worth your time.

Reviewing the "Worst Week" pilot, a new Monday night comedy on CBS.

Ken Levine should have hosted the Emmys

Ken Levine (Cheers, Frasier, MASH) has a few words for last nights Emmy Awards.

Review: The Big Bang Theory

A review of the 2008 fall season premier of The Big Bang Theory

Ruminating the 2008 Emmy Awards

Comments on the 2008 Emmy Awards.
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60th Primetime Emmy Award Winners

The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards Winners post.

Heroes is back with a bang

Lightly exploring the origins of Tim Kring, and dipping into the third season premier of Heroes, "The Second Coming".

Ratner and Fraser loved Abrams' crappy Superman script

Bret Ratner who was on tap to direct the next Superman flick, circa 2002, professed his love for J. J. Abrams crappy script to MTV on Tuesday. Wow..
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Fox crashing on Mondays, booming on Tuesdays

The Sarah Connor Chronicles continues to bleed viewers and Prison Break isn't fairing much better which lands Fox solidly in third for Monday night. Tuesday, however, is another story.
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A look back at J. J. Abrams Superman screenplay

Did you know that J. J. Abrams wrote a Superman screenplay in early 2000? Neither did I. Unfortunately, it sounded absolutely dreadful.

NBC wins ratings race for a week

NBC won last week (Sept. 8-14) in the overall ratings while Fox placed last amongst the big four.

Kristen Bell interviewed by Scifi

Kirsten Bell was interviewed by SCIFI Wire about the third season of Heroes, and seems upbeat about where her character is headed.

Emmy Awards reminder

2008 Emmy Awards reminder; airs in one week folks.

Terminator spin-off in serious trouble

Fox's baby from last year, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is in serious ratings trouble with the second season premier scoring just 6.3 million viewers, a drop of 23% from the finale.

A word on screeners before Review Week

A perhaps final word on screeners before review week begins.

Fringe underwhelms

The pilot for J. J. Abrams new series on Fox, Fringe, underwhelmed to say the least. Not just in my opinion, but in the ratings as well.

WGA reaffirms support of SAG, claims AMPTP fraud

According to the regional leadership of the Writers Guild, the AMPTP is already playing accounting games with the new media contract.
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On agents of evil and the web replacing television

Introducing two lengthy comments/discussions I've had on sites other than my own relating to Hollywood agents and how the web will never replace television.

Last chance for Prison Break

Prison Break returns for Fox tonight with a two-hour fourth season premier, but is it even worth watching?

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