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Aaron Sorkin was a member of the "cave first" faction

Aaron Sorkin in an interview with GQ revealed that he was a member of a tiny writers faction that wanted the WGA to accept the DGA deal before he even got to read it.
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Thoughts on Pellicano and government wiretapping

One person in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case has been found guilty of wipretapping and could face 10 years in prison, while the U.S. government and big telecommunications companies did the same for six years and walked scott free.

Sorkin does Facebook

TV luminary Aaron Sorkin is diving into the short history of Facebook for his next feature film project, which may not be quite as bad as you think.

Top 5 posts for August 2008

Top 5 new posts for the month of August, 2008.
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Q&A with Atlantis showrunner Joe Mallozzi

Stargate exec-prod Joe Mallozzi fields some questions on the end of Atlantis and the continuing Stargate franchise.

Film production plummets in de facto lockout

The Screen Actors Guild hasn't struck yet, but LA Times staff writer Richard Verrier says that film production has virtually stopped nonetheless.
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Screeners, Watchmen, Stargate and actual jobs

An update on this blog, a cool job offer, late screeners, the Watchmen lawsuit with more to follow, and a coming Stargate Q&A with Joe Mallozzi.
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Unanswered questions with sinking of Atlantis

Brad Wright reveals in an interview with GateWorld that the cancellation of Atlantis was a mutual decision between himself, MGM, and the Scifi Channel.

Scifi cancels Atlantis; needs lobotomy

The Scifi Channel resumes its transformation into the Not-Scifi Channel; cancels perfectly good Stargate series.

First half thoughts on the 2008 Olympics

Confusing rules, boring events, amazing atheletes full of pride, a side of censorship and some things about the 2008 Olympics that could do with some improving.

Dark Knight dumped to third by Tropic Thunder

Dark Knight fell from first at the boxoffice over the weekend under pressure from Tropic Thunder, which took first, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars in second.

A Distinctly Screenerless Existence

Due to overbearing network executives and delays cause by the writers strike, DVD screeners are far behind schedule and the TV critics that rely on them aren't happy about it.

Will Dark Knight Go Down?

Looking at the Dark Knight's position on the all time boxoffice lists, and asking whether or not a new Star Wars flick will end its run of first place weekends at four.

90210 drama starts early

Insanely rich Tori Spelling is holding up a fifth-rated network for more cash to return to a has-been show which is, like Spellings career, a desperate last gasp attempt to survive.

South Park's "Chef" passed away Sunday

The voice of Chef on South Park passed away on Sunday of unknown causes.

Kevin Smith vs. MPAA

Kevin Smith beats the MPAA and gets his R rating for Zack & Miri after appealing the NC-17 decision.
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List of top paid TV actors is nauseating

Charlie Sheen has topped the list of best paid actors in television at $850,000 per episode for a season haul of $20 million per year -- 24% more than the cost of "Saw", "Saw II", and "Saw III" combined.

PTC sticks its nose where it doesn't belong

The Parents Television Council has released another "report" assailing adult drama for being too adult.
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It's not possible

Avatar didn't get the credit it deserved; it took SG-1 to a whole new level that is rarefied air for any television series ever seen.

Writers want Grey's Izzie's head on a pike

A source on the production of Grey's Anatomy says the writers want Izzie's head on a platter.

Sometime this season, a character will die..

Sarah Connor Chronicles exec John Wirth announced at Comic Con that one of seven main characters will die this season. Boring...

Will Dark Knight go the distance?

Approaching its third week in theaters, it doesn't look like Batman: The Dark Knight will be making a run at the all-time worldwide gross record holder, Titanic.

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