Ratner and Fraser loved Abrams' crappy Superman script

by Paul William Tenny

I wrote a post the other day after running across a script review from 2002 on AICN that kind of blew me away. I didn't know that J. J. Abrams had written a Superman script (before Lost, so we're not talking about him landing that gig based on unearned hype here) which, if you have any faith in said review, was absolutely dreadful. Seriously, follow that link here in a few minutes and read the review for yourself if you didn't catch it yesterday. I don't know how a person that talented writes something that awful.

Whether it was fate or pure dumb luck, a story popped up on an MTV blog on Tuesday about Abrams old script with quotes from Brett Ratner who was going to direct, which might change how you feel about him -- not in a good way -- or confirm what you've believed all along.

I'm going with the latter.

Ratner, and Brendan Fraser who apparently was up for the Man Of Steel role at that time, both liked Abrams script. Yes, the one that was confused, about 80% action, had one of the worst "surprise" endings I've ever heard of. That script. No real surprise for Ratner, but now I've got to wonder if Fraser has any good sense left in his head too.

The actor then goes into his thoughts on Abrams' script, and how he thought it was "far superior" to Singer's,

No, sorry. The script that Singer shot was mediocre, basically a gutless rehash of everything that had come before in that franchise, just with new actors and some good CGI thrown in for sport. But it was immensely superior to what Abrams had written.

It wasn't even close.
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