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Joe The Plumber complains about the media..on Fox News

"Joe The Plumber" is complaining about the media invading his life and making him feel "very small", and he's doing it by flying to New York to appear on TV..in front of the media.
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THR: Prez debates were "low rated" at 53+ million viewers

THR writer Paul Gough says that the presidential debates which all got more than 52 million viewers was "low rated" and "dull" and that people really wanted more gaffes and mud slinging.

Two crappy series get a full season

Fox flop Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and NBC's questionable Knight Rider remake have both gotten full season pickups. Umm, why?

While you were sleeping

Bush the movie does well but Max Payne wins the weekend; SAG calls for a federal mediator to intervene; The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets a full season; THE DEBATES ARE FINALLY OVER!

People are leaving network TV, not TV in general

Taking a look at the broadcast and cable network landscape to shoot down the myth that people are ditching television en masse.

WGA tells Fremantle to get lost

The WGA has ordered writers not to work on a new show by Fremantle Media and Fox for Ozzy Osborne over Fremantle's refusal to cover their writers under a full WGA contract.
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Kath & Kim is "tedious" and "pretty much just sits there"

Variety says NBC's Aussie adaptation, Kath & Kim, "pretty much just sits there." The reviews don't get any better after that.
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Rejection Has Set Me Free

The Media Pundit was rejected for inclusion in the Google News index, and that's probably for the better.

Polls show Obama takes second debate from McCain

Last night's debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama was won handily by the D.C. newcomer, according to snap polling conducted by CBS last night.
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Zucker's conservative "American Carol" bombs

David Zucker's sick anti-American fantasy "American Carol" bombed this weekend in 9th place on what is by most measures a pretty slow weekend to begin with.

WGA pickets new Tyler Perry studio after controversial firings of four writers

The WGA has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, accusing Tyler Perry of illegally firing four writers for trying to unionize.
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New shows in trouble, or is cable at the gates?

Zaip2it writer Rick Porter blames the writers strike for the "sophomore slump." I credit ever-increasing competition from cable and some really bad timing on the part of the networks and studios that locked out the writers and are about to do it again with actors.

Amanda Tapping's 'Sanctuary' premiers tonight

Amanda Tapping's new sci-fi series Sanctuary hits the airwaves tonight on The Sci Fi Channel, but will it be any good?

40 million people watched the VP debate

Network ratings for the only VP debate this year were big, but somewhat spread out. The only real loser was Fox in a distant fourth place.

SAG negotiators urge board to call a strike vote

The Screen Actors Guild negotiating committee has urged the national board to take a strike authorization vote to the membership.

About those '300' sequel/prequel rumors

Supposedly "confirmed" reports of a 300 sequel/prequel are still nothing more than weak, unsubstantiated rumors.
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Studios Reject SAG's Request for New Talks

Three months after the studios best "final offer", SAG's request to open new talks is rejected flatly. Is a strike near?

Ratings notes for Monday and Tuesday

Ratings notes for Monday and Tuesday, September 29-30 2008: Heroes and House down a little, Fringe up a little; Terminator still stinks, reality programming still rocking.
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