Terminator spin-off in serious trouble

by Paul William Tenny

sarah-connor-chronicles.jpgDon't take it from me, or Fox, take it from Neilsen. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is in serious ratings trouble. Although the much hyped feature spin-off actually gained viewers over its final two episodes this past spring, from a series low of 7.12 for million viewers "The Demon Hand" to 7.75 for the first part of the finale, "Vick's Chip", and 8.29 million for "What He Beheld", the second season at a new record for fewest eyeballs with "Sampson and Delilah".

I didn't really think this show had earned a second season, but you can't complain about your favorite show (Firefly anybody?) getting an early axe while cheering for the early demise of the target of your scorn.

SCC's second season premier brought in just 6.34 million viewers and yet Fox seems committed at least for the time being to keep putting this black hole on the air. Although I thought maybe it had found some roots in dramatic reflection of uncontrollable events (the FBI slaughter at the hotel) that actually reminded me for a moment of the feature films, none of that was to be found in the premier nor in this past evenings second ep.

The recaps Fox has added to SCC and Prison Break also pretty strange. At least for Prison Break which is a serial drama, it plays as a poor attempt to pull in and retain people that don't actually like or watch serial dramas. Why they're doing it for SCC is even more strange since SCC is mostly episodic which, by the way, is probably related to its ratings problem. In order to be episodic, it has to deliver the same good things in different ways like House does, and SCC doesn't.

At 6.34 if these numbers get worse of even stay the same, this show won't make it past January.

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